Dark Fall: Lost Souls

Posted by Patrick Talbot.
First posted on 08 February 2010. Last updated on 08 February 2010.
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The adventure game genre has a tradition of being able to present compelling stories with gripping atmosphere. The horror faction of the genre, however, has been littered with many "misses" and only few "hits". The "misses" assault you with cheap shocks and empty scares. You are taken aback for a few seconds at a sudden jolt, but then the experience is quickly forgotten. The "hits" immerse you…

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I think this game is a mix of two totally different games: a modern, brutal horror-story about a missed girl and occultism with great influences from Japanese horror movies and Silent Hill, and an old-school ghost adventure about trapped lost souls from the 1940's. For me it was a bit confusing, and so was the lack of cut-scenes and any kind of introduction or prologue to the sotry (I haven't played previous games of the series).

Lost souls doesn't include many traditional puzzles and some "puzzles" are simply annoying (my scissors just kept breaking). Also I would have liked to have more hints of what to do next. The game is quite short (well I did peek the walkthrough quite many times) and I would have liked to get a better conclusion for the whole story. But the atmosphere is intense and very scary, and the graphics are good.

Finland By pitu • On 09 January 2013 • From Somewhere

Very Good

As for the scare factor in this game, I found it pretty unnerving. The one scene in the TV room was probably the best for me. I think the only thing that killed any scare factors were Amy's voice. However, the other voices weren't bad at all and I did like the story. I was a little disappointed with the ending and it seems like the 'bad' ending was more fitting.

The one gripe I do have with this game thou is that I had to resort to a walkthrough 1 too many times because I missed something and would have had to pixel hunt to find. also there is a point in the game when you meet your first ghost you need to help in which I had no clue what I was supposed to even do at that point. Some kind of hint system would have been nice.

Other then that, even thou I found myself getting stuck a few times from obscurity, it was worth the play through. The story, sound and graphics were great. Puzzles were good too and more logical based which I liked but just wish there were less pixel hunt moments.

United States By meshpet • On 01 April 2012 • From Carbondale, USA


I agree with your review. One thing that would have made more sense in the game would be if the ghost girl was Betty Penfold from the first game, and the crying mother was Edith. That would tie in more with the plot. Not sure what would have been done with the Crabtrees, though. either way, excellent job!

United States By greg marshall • On 23 October 2011 • From USA