Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Posted by Davide Tomei.
First posted on 30 May 2011. Last updated on 31 May 2011.
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Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth takes inspiration from different works by novelist H.P. Lovecraft, including The Shadow of Innsmouth, The Shadow Out of Time, and The Call of Cthulhu. The game explores the darker sides of horror, anxiety, panic, and fear of the unknown, blending them together in a typical Lovecraftian flavor.

As the game begins, you take on the role of Jack Walters, a…

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@Mervyn: thanks for the kind words. Works based on Lovecraft surely suck you in!
@Giles: you should definitively give the game another go!

Italy By Davide Tomei • On 28 December 2011 • From Italy

Very Good

Loved "Dark Corners of the Earth" though I did not finish it back in the day. Kept getting killed by a huge tentacle, so I gave up. May need to install it again.

And to Mervyn (the other commenter): I just happen to be getting into Necronomicon as of last weekend. Excellent atmosphere, and so far (only a couple hours in) a great adventure game from days gone by!

United States By Giles Habibula • On 18 July 2011 • From Bismarck, ND USA


I loved your review Davide. I know where you are coming from. I have just played Necronomicon which is another game based on the works of H.P.Lovecraft. His works are unique as is the genre of wierd science that he created. When playing the games based on his writings, you feel like you belong to his world.
When I get some spare time, I would like to look that game up and give it a go. Keep up the good work.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 01 June 2011 • From Australia