Schizm: Mysterious Journey

Posted by Eran Cohen.
First posted on 15 December 2010. Last updated on 01 December 2011.
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Around 7th century BC, a few colonies set out from the Greek island of Andros and settled down on Chalkidiki, in the northeastern part of the country. Amongst these settlements was Argilus, located about 100 kilometers east of Thessaloniki (its remains still visible today). The Argilians assisted Brasidas, the Spartan general, during the revolt against Athens in 5th century BC, a revolt which…

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Previous Comments

I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful review. I have just recently played Schizm II": Mysterious Journey II which I thought was an exceptional game. Your informative review left me with the same impressions that I got when playing my game. In my spare time, I would love to play this game as well.

The only apparent thing in common with both games is the Floating Island Towers. In Schizm II, the Floating Island Towers are referred to as Galleas, which were in fact wrecks from an earlier civilization.

Good work Eran and I will look forward to other articles from you.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 24 December 2010 • From Australia