Art of Murder: Hunt for the Puppeteer

Posted by Drummond Doroski.
First posted on 01 April 2009. Last updated on 30 August 2013.
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City Interactive's sequel to 2008's Art of Murder: FBI Confidential starts so promisingly. A series of macabre murders have occurred in New Orleans and have apparently spread to Paris. The modus operandi includes suspending the victim by ropes and hooks making them resemble marionettes and leaving a handcrafted doll in French Revolutionary regalia at the scene. It is an excellent setup for a…

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City, Country

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Great review. The designers made several improvements over the previous title. Nicole actually collects evidence in this game and dusts it for prints. Halfway through the game the designers begin to abandon this concept. Break into a suspects house and start picking up random objects. The dialog at times is terrible. Who speaks like that? Although it could be due to a lack of emotion in the voice of the characters. I feel like things must have been lost in translation when the game was localized from it's native Polish.

United States By Daniel Germann • On 26 April 2012 • From North Hills, USA

Very Good

I agree with just about everything said in this review, but the game is so stunning to look at, and you get so caught up in the atmosphere, you can't help but enjoy yourself...

United States By batman • On 03 May 2009 • From Gotham City