Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Posted by Martin Mulrooney.
First posted on 23 May 2009. Last updated on 23 May 2014.
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For what they lack in originality, sequels still have an undeniable attraction for gamers who long to revisit their beloved characters and worlds in their favorite games. It is amusing to realize that the adventure game community does not necessarily desire innovation. Rather, adventure gamers demand what the classics of yesteryear have always offered: involving stories, lush (albeit 2D)…

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The arcade ending was just the icing on the disappointment. If you plan on playing this game and don't want it spoiled, stop reading now!

From the point where you somehow get punched through the earth and end up in some fantasy world where you pick up Excalibur, they just completely lost me there. Up until that point they had built up this kind of interesting 'old technology magic' theme, and I was expecting this to somehow be part of the ending. But instead I got the ending of Wonderboy In Monsterland.

I'm not surprised that the ending was horrible. Most game endings are. It's hard to build something up and cap it off with a suitably impressive ending. But this whole end sequence, quite frankly, feels like it was the very last thing that they worked on, and they were running out of time. It is just so tacked on and uncharacteristic of the rest of the game.

Australia By Matt Lee • On 21 June 2009 • From South Australia

Very Good

I do agree Matt that the ending seemed slightly disappointing! (Thanks for the comment btw.) I think for me though, it was more the arcade style dragon slaying mini game that was shoehorned in at the last minute that really annoyed me, rather than the final itself. (I loved the 'We Love You' song, it still resides proudly on my ipod to this day!) Sadly, many great games seem to have weak endings. Curse of Monkey Island had an all too brief cutscene to finish, as did Broken Sword 2. What's the deal with that?!
(Grim Fandango had one of the most satisfying endings in my eyes, because it felt like the natural end, and it was kinda sad that it was all over.)

France By Martin Mulrooney • On 17 June 2009 • From United Kingdom


I agree about the box pushing puzzles. The first couple of times it was tollerable, but after that they just got monotonous. They were all essentially the same puzzle, just in different locations. The movement puzzles were a little disappointing too. They were very awkward. I especially had trouble with the traps in the temple.

Apart from that the game is good, though. A nice selection of puzzles, and the story and dialogue are well written.

Was it just me, though, or was the ending totally disappointing? I must say, the finale left me totally unimpressed, and I felt slightly annoyed that I had spent so much time to get such a weak ending.

Australia By Matt Lee • On 11 June 2009 • From South Australia