Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 18 December 1997. Last updated on 15 February 2014.
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The infamous quote "A great injustice has been done... and I, Atrus, have paid the price." is the phrase that has heralded the beginning of a new era in graphic adventure games. Myst is undoubtedly among the most controversial titles in the history of computer games. Many have hailed it as the ultimate interactive experience, while others have faulted it as just a fancy slideshow. Yet, Myst has…

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What a fantastic review Philip. I could not add anything to what you have said. I have played most of the MYST franchises and loved them.

Myst was also responsible for the advent of "MYST" clone games such as: the AURA series, "SCHIZM" series, "ATLANTIS" series and others. This genre of adventure games have stood the test of time and will still be played in decades or centuries to come. Thanks again Philip for reposting your review.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 19 June 2016 • From Australia


My review..............
A must play game.............
For all .............
The puzzles are all solvable....
Just take your time and think it through.......

A few days ago I found a u-tube ... titled " Classic Postmortem The Making Of Myst.mp4 " ... I think it was filmed in 2015 and Robyn Miller one of the two designers speaks for 40mins. In the Q&A Jack Wall (music for Exile & Revelation) asks a question...
There are also making of - Myst etc videos on u-tube.

Myst masterpiece the node version will run on a clean install of windows 7... but don't let quicktime or windows update... If Myst does 'stutter' (you will know when you see / hear it) do 'Ctrl+Alt+Del' click on 'start task magager' then (should be at) bottom of list, click on 'taskmgr.exe' and then 'end process' ... you may find the game screen window in the 'start menu' bar...
Note .... In the game ... clicking the mouse fast several times can cause it.
Riven has problems running...
Exile works on windows 7 (see note above).

France By Squeak UK • On 16 May 2016 • From England UK


I never got around updating to Vista. This system was a mistake altogether. Microsoft is already pulling it out.

If you want to make older programs work for you, you either have install XP on a separate partition as you say, or download Virtual PC and install Windows 98 for example. Either way lots of space wasted. :(

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 30 October 2008 • From Poland


If anyone has found a work around for playing Myst on a machine running Vista I will be forever in your debt. I have the Anniversary Edition of the first three games, and Every Other Game in the Series, because I wanted to play them in order! Worst case scenario, I will put XP on a separate partition and play on that, but I'd rather not use the space that way.

United States By Beth • On 30 October 2008 • From Virginia Beach, USA


I have grown up with this game and LOVE it! Great sounds add a great depth to the game! Real Myst is the best.

United States By TeraKILL • On 10 February 2008 • From Middleton, USA


I can't figure out the very last part of it...I need help can you send me some help on this matter?

United States By Moon • On 18 December 2006 • From Lubbock, Texas 79411


I am having difficulty with the ship/piano thing.
I have the drawing of the answer from the book but cannot hit notes just right. Have changed mouse speed and still not able to complete. Help

United States By Barbara • On 08 December 2006 • From Georgetown, TX


i send a mail comment because someone ask why it dont work on his computer he as windows 2000, that is my answer for odysseus.
yes it is true you can only play it with windows 95 or 98 but you can fix this you can change this with right mouseklik when you stand on it by compaliteit and then you can play this game to because i can play it too and i have windows xp , my english is not so good but i hope you understand this so you can play this beautiful game

Netherlands By shakita • On 16 November 2006 • From netherlands

Hello everybody. I'm glad that i found this site because i got MYST and i was feeling lost because i didn't know what what to do. If anybody needs help with Egypt II please contact me.
I want to ask if you know anything about "Myst Jigsaw Puzzles" because i love doing puzzles and i was trying to download the freetrial to see if i like the game before i buy it, but it was impossible :(

Japan By Bianca • On 14 June 2005 • From Cluj, Romania

I like this! I have always liked adventure games! Myst and so, but also the freeware adventures!


you can find freeware adventure games!

Netherlands By Martijn • On 06 December 2003 • From Somewhere
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