Posted by Kenneth Wilson.
First posted on 04 October 2009. Last updated on 21 November 2010.
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Every genre of video games has a shining model: a singular bright example of greatness that countless other games afterward will try to imitate. First-person shooter games have Doom and Halo; real-time strategy games have Command & Conquer and StarCraft; survival horror games have Resident Evil and Silent Hill; platform games have Mario Bros. and Castlevania. All of these great games spawn…

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will it run under win 7?

China By moggy • On 21 June 2011 • From Somewhere


The most artistic adventure I've played in years!!!

Greece By Jim • On 08 June 2011 • From Greece


One of the best Point' n' click I've ever played.
A unique atmosphere, gloomy, sad and poetic.
In addition, the puzzles are interesting and fairly complex.
I can see only one flaw: the adventure is so short.

France By Reg • On 09 March 2011 • From France


I dont agree with the reviewer.

For me, OutCry / Sublustrum was one of the most thought-provoking games Ive played in a long time. It feels like an Tarkovsky movie - beautiful, moving, ambiguous.

United States By Silva • On 26 January 2010 • From Brazil


While far from a perfect game, I did ultimately enjoy Outcry. I turned off the artsy graphical "effect" that makes everything look fuzzy, and that helped with getting around. But in general I liked the hard science fiction quality of the story. Some of the puzzles were a bit inscrutable, but my only real complaint is that the game was a bit short.

United States By GregC • On 05 October 2009 • From New York City