A Vampyre Story

Posted by Igor Hardy.
First posted on 01 December 2008. Last updated on 10 January 2011.
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Once upon a time, a young talented French opera singer named Mona De Lafitte has been kidnapped. Her abductor is none other than the vampiric Baron Shrowdy Von Kiefer, ruler of Castle Warg from the demonical land of Draxsylvania. Turning Mona into a vampire herself, then imprisoning her in a castle far away from her beloved city and trying to force her to marry him, the baron has turned the poor…

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Very Good

It's been a long time since I played a cartoonish and humorous adventure game like this. The art style draws a lot from the Curse of Monkey Island, and many jokes are in reference to classic adventure games like Day of the Tentacle. All in all, A Vampyre Story is a good game - amusing to play, beautiful to look at and pleasing to hear the voice-acting of the characters.

I love the fact that you don't automatically pick up huge items for no reason but instead remember them in your inventory in case of any future uses. Other pros include a familiar and efficient control scheme - CMI style - the use of the TAB key to show hotspots on the screen and the sheer volume of dialogue lines for interacting with objects.

A few negative aspects are a lack of widescreen support (which could have easily worked, given the fact that most scenes scroll left-right anyway) the fact that entering new areas and scenes can take 3-5 seconds (which doesn't seem to improve no matter what your specs are or how recently you just went to that area) and a few graphical glitches. Mostly just engine-related issues for the cons. The game itself is really nice. I recommend it to any adventure fans out there.

United States By Adrian • On 08 June 2009 • From Romania

Very Good

A beautiful and charming game that really does feel like a LucasArts production. A little too talky at times. When you reach Vlad's Landing, in particular, there are a lot of dialogue trees to wade through. The game may be "easy" but not because the puzzle solutions are obvious, rather, the game and the plot are well designed. Mona, Froderick and friends are amusing but perhaps try a little too hard to be. And I never did find a way to make Mona run or "jump" to the next scene.

United States By GregC • On 17 February 2009 • From New York City

A patch is now available on the game's official site that supposedly fixes the major problems - the possibilities of getting permanently stuck concerning the perfume item and the stadium location.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 05 December 2008 • From Poland