Posted by Igor Hardy.
First posted on 04 February 2010. Last updated on 04 February 2010.
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Tim Schafer's classic adventure game Full Throttle was originally supposed to include an entire sequence in which the player would join the game's main hero Ben in a psychedelic acid trip after he ate a poisonous cactus. While that sequence was ultimately abandoned, the concept for it would return to Schafer's mind years later to become the inspiration for a different game—the first title to be…

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Man, this is probably the best game of the 00's, how can you write the review so moronic? I mean, if you review was dated like 2005, immediately after the games' launch, i could understand your whining, but it's 2010, wtf is wrong with you, man?

Israel By Oggyman • On 04 October 2011 • From Somewhere


One of the best gaming concepts ever created...

Strange... it didnt sell much.. seeing some of the low caliber of the creativity that gamers are going for now days it may be a complement..

United States By marshall • On 20 November 2010 • From kenna

Progz, there's nothing surprising about the fact that I look more favorably at TGP. Solving puzzles and visiting places in TGP was a blast all the way through, while I had to force myself to finish some of the more weak and mundane parts of Psychonauts.

As for your claim about my credibility... Without explaining why do you attach such great meaning to the information which game's characters I prefer, it looks baseless and purely emotional.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 24 February 2010 • From Poland

Very Good

Wow, comparing that horrible train wreck into a school full of deaf children that is Time Gentlemen Please favorably to Psychonauts? Your assertion that Ben and Dan are in any way likable compared to Raz places your credibility as a reviewer and as a person with any taste in question.

United States By ProgZ • On 24 February 2010 • From Somewhere

Very Good

"Any enjoyment of playing Psychonauts is additionally hindered by the clunky controls and the awful camera system."

nonsense. i guess you had the moronic idea of playing it with mouse and keyboard instead of a gamepad, or you just can't handle action adventures/jump'n runs in general. the controls are absolutely fine, camera wasn't much of a problem either.

Austria By nameless • On 19 February 2010 • From austria

@David It's nice of you to consider me being just in a bad mood during the time I was playing Psychonauts, but I'm not changing my mind about anything I wrote.

I don't think Raz can be described as decent. He responds to other characters' problems only with a raised eyebrow, or a wisecrack, never with real emotion. The terrible things that happen to other kids he just thinks to be kind of cool. His relationship with Lilly as shown in the game is not much more beyond him explaining to everyone that she isn't his girlfriend. The only interesting thing about him - the relationship with his father - doesn't get looked into until the very end of the game.

So, Raz isn't maybe an off-putting character, but his personality and reactions don't include anything that would make him compelling either. This makes him a weak main character in my eyes.

And a bit of cynicism in a main character doesn't always have to be bad (especially in a comedy), but he should have also some endearing features. The Sam & Max duo is maybe completely crazy but at least cultivates a great friendship; Ben & Dan (Time Gentlemen Please!) are maybe mass murderers, but nevertheless quite a bit concerned about the consequences of their actions. They get over what they done fairly quickly, but their reactions still manage to feel human and likable.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 19 February 2010 • From Warsaw, Poland


Wow, who pissed in this reviewer's corn flakes?

Psychonauts is a great entertaining game, and completely disagree, "Raz" is genuinely decent kid as a character.

United States By David • On 11 February 2010 • From Fresno, USA