Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens

Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 01 November 2008. Last updated on 03 June 2010.
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If you are a fan of classic click-and-point adventure games, you will love Silver Style Entertainment's Simon the Sorcerer 4: Chaos Happens. This game is among the best adventure games I have played, on par with a LucasArts classic of yesteryear, but with modern graphics and effects. Indeed, the only legitimate complaint I can make about this game is the English subtitles, which are rife with…

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I think the English subtitles are there for those of use who don't understand the American voice acting.

(The subtitles in Simon 3D were tragic in terms of grammatical correctness as well, but at least the voice acting was English.)

Great Britain (UK) By Paul Anderson • On 28 December 2011 • From Aylesbury UK


Unfortunately, I agree with all negative reviews of this game. While it has nice graphics and music, the plot and dialogues are terrible. Voices didn't bother me most of the time,though(maybe with the exception of Swampy's). However, the game shouldn't really have been titled Simon the Sorcerer.

Poland By A • On 29 December 2009 • From Poland


I agree with Ignatius: the game truly is hideously illogical. However, if it wasn't a Simon game I would consider it OK. Cliché, yes, dry in humour, yes, bit boring, yes, but still OK. But cause it's a SS-game the disappointement is just too great, and I have to agree: this game sucks big time.

France By Olga Hario • On 20 December 2009 • From Helsinki, Finland


10 Reasons for hating simon 4.

1-How did he get home? He was a soul trapped in the nexus, and then all we know is he is just watching tv in his home. No explanation given.

2-What is that vision of Alix? She said she didnt send it, then, who did? The Holy spirit?

3-Why, why, just why, would Simon travel by his own will to the Magic Kingdom to save the day?? He is a hero now? He doesnt care about the magic kingdom! he spent 3 games trying to get the hell out of there, why would he return? He even didnt care about Alix when she was kidnapped by Sordid, then why he cares now, just why? He is kind now? A good Christian or a mormon maybe?

4- There are almost no fantasy characters. In the other games we saw dwarves, orcs, goblins, fairys, wizards, barbarians, etc. Lots of original things. All that make a magical kingdom. In this game it is just like a normal medieval town. Mostly all regular folks.

5- The instant machine and all puzzles related to it really sucked. Come on, it was the dumbest, illogical thing in the whole game.

6-Calypso. Why he lost his memory? So we cant ask him how we got home? He was a dumb but powerfull wizard, now he just a dumb clown. Really unffair to poor old Calypso.

7-Sordid and woodworms. They are gone. Sordid is Simons nemesis!. He even doesnt die in the 3 game! Big mistake. And whith who they replaced him? That takes me to the 8 reason...

8-Calaba. Bold, short, with evil moustache...They ran out of cliches with this one. A Totally flat and forgatable character. And his motivation? To usurpate the throne. I was wrong, they still got one more cliche. Thats about number 9...

9-In Simon 1 Simon fought a powerfull wizard. He fought him again in 2, and in 3 he save the universe. Now in 4 he just save the king from a midget. And anyway why would simon care about the king of the magical kingdom?? For all he cares there colud be a bloody civil war. Oh yeah, i a forgot he was a mormon now.

10-The end. Again a lovely Simon is really sorry to leave his now new friends, in fact he decide to stay! Horray! He has been trying to get home for the last 3 games, but now he just want to stay.

Argentina By Ignatius • On 25 April 2009 • From Argentina


I'm a fan of the Simon series, and I have to say that this is one sequel that should have never been made. They've flat out replaced Simon with someone else with whom he only shares names. This new Simon has none of the wit, sarcasm or cynicism of the old Simon. Any of the things that made him funny, in other words. And the voices are DREADFUL. Suddenly Simon sounds like an overly excited american sitcom reject. Where is his british accent? Who thoought that making him american would be a good decision? What were they thinking?? I had to turn the voices off just to get through the game. This one is just not funny, not clever, not entertaining... it's not Simon.
Say what you will, maybe Simon 3D had crappy graphics, but at least the story and dialogues were good. If you ever liked Simon the Sorcerer, leave this one out.

Argentina By Gabe • On 27 December 2008 • From Somewhere


I played this game because it's a Simon game, and it got great graphics. However, the voice dubbing is horrible and the jokes aren't funny at all.

Israel By Jonathan • On 05 November 2008 • From Israel