Murder in the Abbey

Posted by Joseph Howse.
First posted on 13 October 2008. Last updated on 16 August 2009.
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Do you miss the days of every character in an adventure game having a huge, fully voiced script and a huge, animated, cartoon portrait? Current game developers, in some ways, appear to be content in scaling back from their most ambitious storytelling efforts of yesteryear.

A topnotch, new game that bucks this trend is Murder in the Abbey (originally titled The Abbey). Created by a small Spanish…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

Good adventure with a classic feel but a bit tedious due to the limited locations and having to revisit them over and over again. New objects that always were there are suddenly grabbable, a so-so gameplay.

The third act in which you sneak into a previously forbidden zone is by far the best as you feel the tension in the air. Too bad it's an isolated moment

Anyway a compelling story a bit ruined by a rushed ending where everything is exposed in a massive info dump by the characters without any player input.

Spain By Jor • On 01 January 2012 • From Madrid