Zork Grand Inquisitor

Posted by Matthew Murray.
First posted on 18 November 1997. Last updated on 15 May 2014.
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Among the next generation titles in the venerable Zork series, Zork Grand Inquisitor bears the closest resemblance in both tone and style to the original Zork text adventure. To the delight of many Zork fans, there is now the ability to explore in full color graphics the many infamous Zorkian locations featured in the original text series. Finally, the infamous White House can be seen in its…

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Ce jeu est extraordinaire !
Il plaira aux petits et aux grands.
Moi, je l'ai termin

France By Marine • On 25 February 2005 • From Nice,France

Are these games closed captioned. I am hearing impaired. What other games do you have that are closed captioned? I like the Zork games. I've played the first and 2nd Zork games but would like to play the remainder.

United States By Lilly • On 26 October 2004 • From Alexandria, LA

I am trying to buy any of the games before Grand Inquisitor I think it is the best game ever and want all in the series I only wish activision would continue make new Zorks .
I love to be able to just use the mouse instead of loads of buttons .

Great Britain (UK) By Dorienne Carmel • On 05 September 2004 • From Hertfordshire England


I just browsed the reviews of a couple of games that I have played. How can *anybody* give a higher rating to Starship Titanic than to Zork Grand Inquisitor. ZGI is fun, funny, and enjoyable. ST is an exercise in frustration (just ride the elevator a few times). Whoever did this should be shot, drawn and quartered, keelhauled, burned, spanked, and sent to bed without supper.

By Kevin Harrelson • On 26 November 2002 • From Florida, USA

I like your site. I'm a big KQ fan, would like to get into Zork, I think your site should have more info on finding some of these games.

By Andrew Duffield • On 23 March 2002 • From Dallas, TX area

Brillant lets have a new zork

By I hargreaves • On 08 December 2001 • From England

Hey..I loved Zork grand Inquisitor...I was just wondering if the makers of Zork are coming out with any mew games.

By Sarah • On 17 January 2001 • From palmdale

Hi Guys,
Great site- any ideas when we can expect the next Zork?

By Nod • On 22 April 2000 • From Shropshire,England.

Great Sites, But would like more pictures of zork Grand inquisitor! and maybe a demo.

Love the sight. And I will be back.

By Ted • On 20 February 2000 • From South Australia