Riven: The Sequel to Myst

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 09 November 1997. Last updated on 09 October 2012.
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"Why mess with success?" may well describe the thoughts of the designers of Riven: The Sequel to Myst. Myst is arguably a controversial title among fans of adventure games. Both its proponents and opponents are numerous. Some hail it as the ultimate surrealistic interactive experience, while others fault it as just a fancy slideshow with eccentric puzzles. Yet, no one can ignore the incredible…

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unable to drop down to capture grog/either way i position switch

United States By david scott • On 27 April 2003 • From visalia ca.

is cool And I have Masted
Ages of the myst

By Jade Protheroe • On 18 June 2002 • From Australia/Brisbane

I'm a huge fan of adventure games, the Myst series in particular. I would therefore love to play this game, but I have never, ever, ever seen a single box on the shelf of any shop in the UK.

Does anyone know if it was even released over here? If so, why is it not sold by anyone?

By Tom McEwan • On 19 October 2001 • From Bradford, West Yorkshire, England

I need help finding the patch 1.01 to download that fixes problems with Riven. Can you help???

By Tom Knight • On 06 June 2001 • From West Lafayette, Indiana

I just loved Myst and Riven! Are there any sequels to Riven ?

By Pedro Felgueiras • On 04 July 2000 • From Portugal,Braga

We had previously completed Myst and could hardly wait for a sequel, if there was to be one. To our joy the sequel, Riven, came on the market.
A word of advice to anyone who may wish to purchase Riven ... complete Myst first. Myst was far easier (one CD) while Riven is on four CDs. Myst established the pattern of play that was carried over into Riven lessening the difficulty in solving the complex puzzles in Riven.
A very enjoyable game.
If you like Myst/Riven you may try Amerzone. Great graphics (four CDs) and not as difficult to solve as Riven ... the wife loved it.

By R. Lovejoy • On 27 February 2000 • From Uncasville, CT

I found Riven to be mysteriously fascinating. I thought the lack of diologue actually added to the mystery. True enough, Riven is difficult, but far from impossible. For ANY logical thinking person the clues throughout the game are blatantly obvious. For instance, the marble press puzzle. Piece-o-cake! I mean, come on! The symbols, the colored lights, the topography grid, the location of all five fire marble domes. Everything in the whole game pointed to the solution! Brilliant and VERY entertaining. Out of a five star rating I give it a very strong six point five!!! ONE QUESTION! Did anybody notice the books on the shelf in Gehn's labratory? there are six books, but it appears as though books four and five are joined at the top. hmmmm.

By K Sean Bray • On 14 January 1999 • From Mountlake Terrace, WA

I was given both Myst & Riven as presents. Very impressed with the graphics, but was not so keen on the "blackout" sequences.
I do have a problem, however. Having virtually completed the game, Gehn trapped in book, BUT, even with max volume noone can hear anything from the spherical watch, so I can't free Catherine. Even the Walkthrough chapter doesn't help with appropriate sounds for the prison elevator controls.
Can anyone help?

By Frank Topping • On 09 January 1999 • From Poole, Dorset, UK
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