Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

Posted by Igor Hardy.
First posted on 20 June 2008. Last updated on 30 August 2013.
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It is always interesting to see seasoned game developers venturing into territories they have not tried before. Such is the case with the designers of Art of Murder: FBI Confidential—a group of Polish game developers from the now defunct studio Detalion, whose past credits include the visually surreal sci-fi and fantasy adventure games Reah: Face the Unknown and Schizm: Mysterious Journey. In…

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Great story!
Strange dialog, things were definitely lost in translation.
Nicole never properly collects evidence.
Do you want to catch the killer? Try using some gloves!
Why do all the characters belittle Nicole?
I felt like the song this is a man's world should have been playing half the game.

United States By Daniel Germann • On 26 April 2012 • From North Hills, USA

how do i get art of murder to work on windows 7???

Great Britain (UK) By Becky • On 14 December 2011 • From Uk

Any alternative link to that patch ? That page no longer exists. :(

Algeria By Anis • On 08 September 2011 • From Algeria


I'm using windows 7 and this game have this problem, the porblem is with the save games when i save following game saved without photo please can we solved that problem with patch.

Poland By chris • On 16 July 2010 • From Greece - Hellas - Thessloaniki - Macedonia

I'm sorry, but if the patch doesn't work for you, then I'm out of ideas.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 07 July 2010 • From Poland

No the patch didnĀ“t work for me at all. Cursor and everything still slooow and choppy. Got any other suggestions?
Really want this to work.

Sweden By E • On 02 July 2010 • From Sweden

Good to hear that, thebigba.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 25 November 2008 • From Poland


to igor hardy, hell yes that patch worked wonders...
i can move so much faster now load quicker, talk without hearing myself repeat 20 times. Thanks for this info

United States By thebigba • On 25 November 2008 • From usa

I would prefer to avoid posting spoilers here.

There is a unofficial patch that supposedly improves the game's performance:

Maybe it'll help with the choppy cutscenes as well. If you decide to try it please write if it helped.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 03 November 2008 • From Poland

could someone tell me how this game ended?very frustrating to have played the whole game to be left wondering how it wraps up due to the so choppy i got nothing from it final cut scene...

Canada By um...whattheheckhappened • On 02 November 2008 • From Somewhere