Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

Posted by Joonas Linkola.
First posted on 06 November 1997. Last updated on 14 December 2009.
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Ron Gilbert's The Secret of Monkey Island proves that it is possible to make anarchic humors about pirates. The game reinvents the concept of humor in computer games and has since become popular among adventure fans all around the world. Indeed, the debut title of the Monkey Island series not only remains as an all-time favorite in the minds of many adventure gamers, it also stands as a…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

Another bullseye for the crew ....
The game with excellent puzzles and vast exploration zone. Wacky NPC's and great animation and artwork.

Way to go for Ron and the team !

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia


The most fantastic game forever!!

Korea (South) By Jaeyeon Jeong • On 26 January 2011 • From Seoul, Korea


The graphics are amazing even today. Although the graphics are low resolution, the backgrounds look like a painted storybook and the characters portray personality even in their simplicity.

I still prefer the old graphics to the new HD special edition. And the jokes come across a lot better without poorly interpreted, mismatched voice acting.

Get the special edition if you want but I still like to play this game on ScummVM because the original is incontestable and perfect (and music sounds better :D )

United States By Cap'n Cruncher • On 09 July 2010 • From US


The best game of all time!

Russia By Bogdan • On 21 February 2010 • From Serbia


Great, fun game with great music and funny story. Graphically amazing... retro-speaking of course.

Great Britain (UK) By Charlie • On 17 August 2009 • From London, England


Very nice, game.

Portugal By Fernando Correia • On 13 August 2009 • From Portugal


Best game in the universe

Great Britain (UK) By Marco • On 09 February 2009 • From London


MI2 is the best of the best game that I've ever played!!

Taiwan By Anakin Chen • On 10 June 2007 • From Taipei,ROC


intresting game

United Arab Emirates By yasir ahmed • On 02 June 2007 • From dubai uae

Very Good

very intresting game

United Arab Emirates By yasir ahmed • On 02 June 2007 • From dubai uae
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