Aurora: The Secret Within

Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 10 November 2008. Last updated on 10 January 2011.
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Aurora: The Secret Within is an older style point-and-click adventure game from a small Italian game development studio that is primarily operated by 2 indie developers, Michel Palucci and Alessio Restaino. You play the character of John Pileggi, a struggling private investigator in Roswell, New Mexico. The time is, of course, November 1947—just after the infamous story of the alleged UFO crash…

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You're not supposed to go into the cafe until later on.
You don't need a clock.
You have to complete other objectives first.

**Spoiler alert**
Make sure you pick up both coins (there are two) below the newspaper stand and give both of them to the merchant. I won't spoil the rest on you.
Just keep figuring stuff out until the cafe is open.

Canada By Michael MacDonald • On 02 August 2012 • From Somewhere


I'm only ranking this as good because there are some design flaws in this game. The translation is horrible. Absolutely horrible, but I don't even mind that.
This game jammed like crazy for me.
I'm not sure if it was the computer I was using or not, but I had to restart from an earlier save too many times to be happy with it.

Other than that, the game is pretty good.
Too easy for a myst fan like myself though.
I never even got stuck once.

Overall, it was alright,
but I'd like to see some companies make myst clones that are actually up to par on the difficulty level instead of just being predictable.

Canada By Michael MacDonald • On 02 August 2012 • From Somewhere

I just chanced upon this game on a trip..Started playing but cannot seem to go past the first day. Can you be of any help any suggestion. The Cafe opening shoes a sign of 7:00 but there seems to be no clock displaying any time as such

India By Smitha • On 10 July 2009 • From India