Alone in the Dark 3

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 02 November 1997. Last updated on 07 August 2009.
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The third installment in the Alone in the Dark series continues with the adventures of private investigator Edward Carnby. All the games in the Alone in the Dark series are inspired by the work of H P Lovecraft. In response to the criticisms drawn of the two previous games, Infogrames attempts to place more balance between action and adventure in the gameplay. Yet, compared to the more…

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Only the first Alone in the Dark was based on the works of Lovecraft. Moving into the realm of personal opinion, I'd say that puzzles in the AitD games are often obscure and poorly-integrated into the game. It's often the case that you can have the right idea but the designers demand that you perform the action in some odd way, probably to extend the game's life.

United States By ansionnach • On 26 March 2015 • From Somewhere

A great site! I am really sad about the future of adventure games. New generation likes action games ....
P.s I did not know there would be another alone in dark after Alone in dark 3

By The boss • On 14 May 2000 • From Canada