AnaCapri: The Dream

Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 04 March 2008. Last updated on 18 September 2014.
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After spending a lot of time playing AnaCapri: The Dream, I still find it difficult to formulate exactly how I feel about the game. On the one hand, this father-and-son team have put together a rich aesthetic experience, taking players (or perhaps "participants" is a better word) on an immense tour of the island of AnaCapri. AnaCapri (and the nearby Capri) are popular tourist destinations, and…

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I'm not sure this review is entirely fair to the game itself. I am playing AnaCapri now (August 2014) and maybe my experience is different due to game patches implemented since the reviewer's last update in 2009, but in response to having to click through so many pictures as you travel the island, I am under the impression that much like the first game, A Quiet Weekend in Capri, this game's purpose is not just to entertain but to promote tourism in AnaCapri. This may be the reason why there are so many pictures that, at points, seem to like overkill, but if you are trying to convey the illusion of being in AnaCapri and possibly generate interest into actually going, it makes sense that the game-makers would use as much of the island scenes as possible. The reviewer is absolutely correct in saying that the game would be more enjoyed by people looking for a virtual vacation rather than a Myst-like adventure game challenge, but at the same time, I don't think this game is trying to be Myst, but rather more like an interactive post card with story elements to keep the player busy while sight-seeing on the island.

Also, with regard to the voice actors, I think the reason their performances come across as wooden as they do is because I doubt any of the "actors" used are actually voice actors. Maybe they are if you are playing it with English dubbing, but I am playing with Italian speaking parts and English subtitles and I don't find the voice acting nearly as bad as the reviewer seems to. The speaking parts are by-no-means dramatic, but they are what they are and I find them charming in the same way good B-movie dialogue can be.

Finally, I am probably only about a quarter of the way through the game and haven't had any major problems with the puzzles yet, so I can't say if they will be as frustrating for me as they are were for the reviewer.
For those curious to play this game, take these things into account before deciding to purchase.

United States By Mike • On 02 August 2014 • From Portland, USA