The Exchange Student Episode 2: Point Club

Posted by Gustavo Calvo-Simmons.
First posted on 05 February 2008. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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The Exchange Student is a comic adventure game series developed by the small indie game studio Pan Metron Ariston. Episode 2: Point Club is the second part of the episodic series that follows the misadventure of Emilio Carboni, a 22 year old Italian, Casanova wannabe who travels to Sweden as an exchange student looking for love and passion. At the end of Episode 1: First Day in Sweden, Emilio…

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Very Good

Go to your inventory and look for the popcorn then use the mouth action on it, he will spit inside the popcorn.

Israel By Tomer • On 15 November 2010 • From Israel


how do i get rid of the popcorn? I put the dvd in the popcprn bowl but the girl keeps chasing me around the table and I cant get rid of the bowl. Anyone know please.

United States By terazzi • On 17 June 2009 • From Somewhere