Grim Fandango

Posted by Stefan Lubienski.
First posted on 01 September 2008. Last updated on 30 January 2013.
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Grim Fandango is a classic that is not only among the greatest adventure games ever made but also among the greatest stories ever told. It is rare for a game to maintain an everlasting eminence such that it can still best more contemporary titles year after year. Indeed, there are only a few games that, no matter how old, can sustain the quality or appeal that goes far beyond what the game…

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Previous Comments

This is the best game I have ever played in my life, and I wish I could help the Team do another, or even redo the old one if it sounds foolish, and relaunch it. It is a masterpiece. Period, I don't care what other people say or think. I do not know one person who played it and didn't like it. Enough said here.

Canada By Alex C. • On 03 April 2013 • From United Kingdom


This is the only game I've ever played that made me wish it could go on and on, that I didn't have to leave Manny and Meche and Glottis. I completely agree with everyone else. Grim Fandango is clever, funny, sad in places, an amazing work of art - simply brilliant. It's a shame Lucas Arts has avoided making it easy to play on modern computers and paid so little attention to it.

United States By Aimless • On 09 August 2010 • From Georgia, USA


Best adventure game I've ever played. I've completed maybe 4 or 5 times, and I always make sure to go through all the dialogue choices, because the screenplay is so well-written and well-delivered by the voice actors. In addition, the game presents a wonderful story that cleverly draws from the best traditions of film noir, and it features clever puzzles that don't force you to dig around a huge inventory of items.

United States By charon • On 07 April 2010 • From DC, USA


A timeless classic, this game is really a work of art. Without much of the complex graphics or visual effects of modern games, playing this old classic is nevertheless a true gaming experience for its beautiful setting, soundtrack, storyline, art and the amazing creativity of its creators! Definitively one of my favourite games ever!

Too much nostalgia! I still have the original box, I think I will go ahead and reinstall it again after reading this review =)

Nicaragua By Anonymouse • On 06 April 2010 • From Buenos Aires, Argentina


This is for me the best adventure that I have ever played, everything in this game is amazing from the music and the graphics to the voice acting and the story.
It`s not just a simple game, it`s a form of digital art !

Romania By Abnaxus • On 19 August 2009 • From Marginea, Romania


One of the greatest adventure games ever, ever made.
Along with few else other games (five? ten?) a MASTERPIECE.

Italy By bruno • On 06 September 2008 • From padova, italy


Great review of possibly the greatest adventure game of all time. I would, however, disagree about the obscurity of some puzzle solutions. While there are a few which are really challenging to figure out, I think that fair hints are given for every single one. The Rubacava section in all its complexity is a puzzle lovers dream.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 01 September 2008 • From Poland