Posted by Erik-André Vik Mamen.
First posted on 15 May 2008. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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From the ancient Egypt comes the tale of Assil, the son of an architect of the Pharaoh. Assil has brought upon himself a death curse when he accidentally disturbs the tomb of a mummy while throwing a party inside a pyramid. His dad does not believe him and thinks that his rebellious son is just making up the story as an excuse to stay up all night. So, the young Assil must now go on a quest to…

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Very Good

In hindsight the game generally falls flat of immediate comedy, but the atmosphere, plausable story (despite how many times Egypt has been done before in adventures), likeable characters and smooth animations make this still a very solid modern AG.

Great Britain (UK) By Stefan Lubienski • On 19 June 2008 • From Devon, UK