80 Days

Posted by Davide Tomei.
First posted on 15 April 2008. Last updated on 17 July 2010.
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80 Days is an adventure game loosely based on Jules Verne's famous fictional novel Around the World in 80 Days. At first glance, you may be enticed by the game's few original ideas, decent graphics, and colorful characters. Once you start playing the game, however, you will be overwhelmed quickly by its frustrating controls, inconsistent puzzles, awful music, and dreadful voice acting.

The game…

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Thanks for the comment aeslyn.

I agree that the game relies too much on graphics while leaving all the other features to a very low standard. It seems a half-finished game, isn't it?

Italy By Davide Tomei • On 03 October 2010 • From IT


Love the 3d view of the game, however i will admit it is frustrating to move the player and complete tasks effortlessly. The hotspots for tasks are difficult to trigger sometimes and this makes you lose time. It is fun to wander through the virtual city but there is not alot you can actually manipulate. Sometime you will trigger an acitivity but the screen will freeze and you will not be able to complete it. i found it annoying that there is not demo of how to play for a novice, nor an explanation of what the various colours on your map mean. For instance in the beginning sequence a character asks if she may purchase Olivers scarf for money, and after repeatedly trying to figure a way to give the item away to collect more cash for my adventure i decided this was a red herring....it is too bad there are these faults because visually the game is stunning and the concept good....it was a bit of fun for a bored parent and preteen.

United States By aeslyn • On 24 January 2010 • From canada