The Journeyman Project

Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 27 October 1997. Last updated on 31 December 2012.
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In 1992, Sanctuary Woods released The Journeyman Project. The original game suffered from great performance problems with slow animations and excessive long load times. An updated version, dubbed The Journeyman Project Turbo!, was released in 1994. This update claimed to be more than 300% faster than the original. Despite the performance improvement, key design flaws and extremely short gameplay…

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Presto did some terrific work later on but this early game somehow manages to include almost everything that adventurer gamers came to loathe in the 90's. It's unbelievably short, it has clumsy controls, you can die, it has timed sequences, it poorly identifies items on screen, the screen size is teensy, it's buggy (perhaps it wasn't in 1994), and it's incredibly easy. An amazingly bad game from a very good company.

United States By GregC • On 10 July 2009 • From New York City

Very Good

The first Journeyman Project was included with a computer I purchased many years ago. The first time I installed it and played, I was hooked. Unfortunately, I did not get to keep the game. I had to return it when I returned my computer for problems. After purchasing a new and improved computer, I searched everywhere for the first Journeyman Project, but to no avail. I finally found quite a few on ebay, and I purchased three of the original game.
I feel the game is absolutely under-rated. I also own the second Journeyman (Buried in Time) and the third (Legacy of time), and all have been an exciting and challenging experience. The Journeyman Trilogy is by far the most interesting and stimulating games I have ever played. In my opinion, they outscore Riven and Myst. When I play, it is my special time, and I get totally engrossed. If you can get your hands on them, you won’t be sorry.

United States By Ron • On 15 May 2006 • From Somewhere

I must respectfully disagree with your somewhat negative review of The Journeyman Project. I admit that much of this is a matter of personal opinion, but I thought that it was actually a pretty good game. The story (certainly the game's biggest asset) was so strong that I didn't really care about any of the low points you guys cited. One thing that I noticed was conspicously absent from your review, however, was the soundtrack. In traditional first-person fashion, the music is relatively subdued and not distracting, but in places (the ending in particular) I felt that the music was downright good.

United States By Geoffrey Colman • On 16 August 2003 • From Manhattan Beach, CA--United States of America

on page 7 there is a code that will let me in to the temporl sedurity annex so i can go to work and play the game.

United States By Bobby Wolfe • On 17 May 2003 • From elkview wv 25071

Journeyman Project still exists!

Hope to be turning it over soon!


By Oteasha Leonard • On 26 January 2002 • From San Diego, California / USA

The Journeyman Project was great. It was the greatest game for its time. The graphics were unbeleivable for its time. The gameplay was cool. That was the best game ever made. The sequals are great too and I must play the remake of the original one which is so much better.

By Phil Menza • On 31 August 2001 • From Somewhere

I want to know how to get Jouneryman project 1 and 2.

By Joshua • On 04 July 2001 • From Greenacres, WA

I found this site while looking for a manual on Journeyman Turbo

By Gregg Wogan • On 21 June 2001 • From Billings, Montana

Great site.
I am behind by a few years in the pursuit of games and computer technoloty.
I, not sure how, found a journey man original turbo without a book.
Are these still available, or am I wasting my time.
I would like to play this game, however bad it was. If anyone has the book on even just the hunks required for the game, I would like to get ahold of it.
I would imagine that as old as it is, any lawful problems would be non existent.
Let me know, or help where you can.

By Jerry L. King • On 22 November 2000 • From Texas, Dallas Area

Help...trying to play Journeyman Project Turbo
and I can't get to work because I don't know
the code because I didn't get a manual. Please?
Thank you.

By James J. Cain • On 20 May 2000 • From Ohio
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