Quantum Gate: The Saga Begins...

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 25 October 1997. Last updated on 07 August 2009.
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Quantum Gate: The Saga Begins... is developed based on a new design concept called VirtualCinema. Pioneered by HyperBole Studios, VirtualCinema takes full advantage of the multimedia capability of the computer to provide a platform for storytelling. In fact, HyperBole Studios makes no substantial claim about Quantum Gate: The Saga Begins... being an adventure game. Instead, it is marketed as a…

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Previous Comments

i need a walkthru for quantum gate the saga begins. an u help me please?

United States By john lenkerd • On 24 January 2004 • From cochran / usa

is there a wlkthrough for quantum gate?

By jesse • On 05 November 2000 • From Somewhere

Quantum Gate is my all-time favourite game! Its ten times more punk than 'Hell... a cyberpunk thriller' and the acting is just superb. I find the plot very captivating, and the music track an example to many other titles.

I was suprised to find in your article that this CD had been released as already as 1993! Quantum gate should be up there among classics like 'the 7th Guest', as far as I'm concerned... Criminally ignored.

By Seydi Tiryaki • On 20 July 2000 • From Netherlands