Rand Miller

Cyan Worlds

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 01 November 2007. Last updated on 09 October 2012.
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As a game developer, Rand Miller is in a league of his own. Bestowing such honor on Miller is no exaggeration, since his works have fundamentally changed how adventure games are defined today. Born in 1959, Miller worked as a programmer in a bank in Texas before co-founding Cyan in 1987 with his brother Robyn to develop computer games. In 1991, they released the graphic adventure game Myst. Not…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

Good interview. Glad to see there is still some hope of bring Uru live back.

Getting the Gahreesen Training Wall up and running would have kept interest alive and thus not have required so much new content. There are probably all sorts of activities that would have sprung from that.

Uru live was great. Let's have it back again.

Canada By Neville Merriman • On 16 August 2008 • From Vancouver, B.C.

Very Good

I will pay bring back the online part, come on have a heart we need it, if money is the issue, I will buy into it, some of those toys and gismos in the game could be marketed, and if marketed corrected could bring in big money and bring the games into reality for future gamers not to mention, the ability to market maor games, sharper images has nothing compared to what you could give the public, imagers, hang man game lets go ken

United States By k bennett • On 21 June 2008 • From ocala fl usa

Very Good

hey lets try and bring back myst online I would be glad to pay, these are the greatest of all games available to the public, I as a gamer can say that, we as the public need them, so lets figure out a way to make the cost worth the while Thank you for your time and consideration, sher

United States By s maud • On 21 June 2008 • From ocala fl usa

Very Good

One of the better interviews I've read done with Rand.

You've asked some good questions & got som3 intriguing answers :)

Personally I value Rawa's contributions higher than Ryan's - but that's me.

United States By Susan • On 17 November 2007 • From USA


I agree 100%!

United States By Dave Glawson • On 12 November 2007 • From Wilmington, CA


Rand Miller certainly is an interesting chap, and I hope that Cyan continues to make great content in the future! As for the article, very interesting. BAM.

Great Britain (UK) By Alex Noble • On 12 November 2007 • From Cambridge, England


An excellent interview of a remarkable man discussing a unqiue company making outstanding games with an unlimited future :) well done indeed.

United States By Chris Gerlach • On 05 November 2007 • From Pagosa Springs, Colorado