A short personal history of Dynamix's adventure games

Posted by Kevin Ryan.
First posted on 23 October 2007. Last updated on 24 July 2009.
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In 1990 and 1991 Dynamix created a series of 3 adventure games that were published by Sierra. I was involved in the development of all 3 products and I was also responsible for designing and helping to craft and program the Dynamix Game Development System (DGDS) that was used in all 3 games. This article will be a brief overview of the development process and also of the time leading up to these…

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Previous Comments

Talk about a dream job!!!

United States By Marshall • On 25 November 2007 • From Somewhere


And what about Betrayal at Krondor? That was a huge hit for Dynamix.

Slovenia By Rhuantavan • On 24 October 2007 • From Slovenia


why you never mentioned tribes?

On of the best online teamplay games ever and a 1st with vehicles??

Great Britain (UK) By SCi-Fi • On 23 October 2007 • From Somewhere


I enjoyed the article but I would have appreciated a little editorial control. It reads a little sloppy and doesn't contain enough info. I want more! More info, more anecdotes, more article! Please!

United States By Daniel • On 23 October 2007 • From Roseville, CA