Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 08 September 2007. Last updated on 10 August 2009.
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Nucleosys' Scratches, published in 2006 by Got Game Entertainment, is perhaps the finest horror themed graphical adventure game I have played to date. The developer, Agustin Cordes, has produced a game that follows worthily in the footsteps of Jonathan Boakes' celebrated Dark Fall, and Boakes even lends his talent as a voice actor in Scratches. However, if Dark Fall is spooky, then Scratches is…

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Easily the scariest and trickiest adventure game I've ever played. I had to mute the sound a few times because the soundtrack was freaking me out. One sequence in the game was so scary that I actually screamed out loud (hint: furnace). The only thing I didn't like was navigation, especially outside of the house. Constantly having to go through the same rooms and back tracking was frustrating. Frankly, I'm surprised the ending didn't give me nightmares. BTW - that soundtrack the freaked me out, I bought it on iTunes and still listen to it on ocassion. It'll rival any horror movie.

United States By Craig Olsen • On 23 June 2009 • From Nashville, TN

Scariest game I've ever played. Didn't like the fact that it all takes place in and around one single house and there are no characters to interact with at all.
Also the constant feeling of fear turned into frustration at some point. I can't imagine finishing this without walkthrough, the riddles aren't hard to solve but sometimes near impossible to *find*.

Germany By Martin • On 27 June 2008 • From Somewhere

Slow and boring game. No activity with people and you are running around trying to find an object and hunt for pixels. If you want to play a horror theme game, I recommend Dracula: Origin instead. Don't waste your money on Scratches. You'll end up scratching why did I spend my money on this rubbish.

Canada By Molly • On 13 May 2008 • From Toronto


This is a quiet, creepy game. I had to stop playing a few times because I was too scared to go on. It's not gory or shocking. It's just deeply unsettling and suspenseful.

United States By Jen Pearson • On 24 January 2008 • From Santa Fe, NM