Scott Bilas

Oberon Games Studio

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 23 August 2007. Last updated on 21 October 2008.
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To adventure game fans, Scott Bilas is best known for his work on Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned. A graduate from Iowa State University, he has worked as both an engineer and a system architect before joining the ranks at Sierra On-Line. Bilas has been credited as being responsible in leading the technical redesign of Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of…

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This is a fascinating look at a side that most game players like me do not think about as much as the storyline, characters and puzzles. It's like taking apart a functioning and beautiful machine to look at its innards, and to think about all the nitty gritty bits and bolts that shape it and make it go. There's obviously so much lying underneath the innocent-looking surface of a game that, especially when the game's well-made, doesn't obtrude into the player's consciousness.

I enjoyed reading this very much, and it's interesting to read Scott Bilas' take on adventure games. (I'm probably one of the dedicated few to which he'd refer as "hard-core", but I'm not ashamed to use hints for puzzles that are truly too insanely difficult! Perhaps I'm medium-core? But adventure games are my true love when it comes to computer games.) I appreciate the back-story about that infamous cat-moustache puzzle, and I agree that puzzles should be created so that they are ABLE to be worked out. Too many puzzles seem to be created with an arbitrary solution rather than a solution that can be reasoned out...

I would like to offer Scott my best wishes for his forthcoming wedding, and adorable children for the future, who can beta-test their father's work with charming panache.

Thank you, Philip - I enjoyed reading this interview very much.

Australia By Ingrid Heyn • On 24 August 2007 • From Australia