Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero

Posted by Don Rayner.
First posted on 21 October 1997. Last updated on 12 August 2012.
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The Quest for Glory series has been one of the least recognized adventure game series made by Sierra On-Line. The series differ from all other series in that it is the only one that incorporates significant role-playing elements. The first game of this series, Quest for Glory I: So You Want To Be A Hero, begins with the journey of a newly graduated hero in search of fame and glory. Here in…

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Very Good

very good game if I can get it to run on my 2.6 ghz machine.

United States By kevin benedict • On 03 December 2013 • From elizabethtown, usa


I grew up watching my brother play these games and as soon as I was allowed I played them myself. I rarely find a modern game so well done. This game, like many of Sierra's products from the golden era, have great replay value.

United States By Cassandra • On 20 August 2009 • From Las Cruces, New Mexico


Can't wait

Australia By Scott Walker • On 08 June 2009 • From Ballarat, Australia

This is the best game ever. BUT
When I played the '92 version in the '90's it crashed near the end at the brigands hideout. Then I downloaded it a few months ago from the internet, and it crashed again. Is this a fatal error in the programming?

United States By Boom2 • On 26 October 2008 • From yarmouth, maine


This is one of the greatest games I have ever played. This was the first open ended rpg (at least that I can Remember) ever made. I must say though the game had many more possibilites in the text orientated game rather then the point and click version. This is why "Puriest", as the article says such as myself perfer the original version not "Just because". I mean you had to think what to ask about rather then having it appear on the screen for you.

Australia By Spinn_Off • On 13 May 2006 • From Australia


This was one of the games I blame for turning me inot a MMORPG nerd.

Sweden By Sunrock • On 26 February 2006 • From Somewhere

I REally enjoyed the game. I found it funny and very interesting. The only thing i found wrong with the original, was that it was only compatibal with the older versions of windows. I tried to load it onto my windows xp version and was unsuccessful. Otherwise, i thought that your ability to make choices yourself, your responses to each new challenge and inviting humor were very good. I thought it was advanced for it's time. I have since played better role playing games, but still think that it is a great classic.

United States By Petrie • On 13 June 2005 • From Boise, ID

that games difficulty is not a one!!!

United States By Anonymous • On 07 May 2004 • From fakesfille, fakington on one two three fake street

keep the quest alive!!

United States By dean • On 19 March 2004 • From Somewhere

Do anyone know where I can buy the Cd room where the 4 fisrt quest for glory are??! I have runned around whole city and not found em!

Europe By Liney Skjoldal • On 23 April 2003 • From Bergen/Norway
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