Broken Sword: The Angel of Death

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 16 September 2006. Last updated on 23 May 2014.
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Broken Sword: The Angel of Death is the fourth game in the Broken Sword series that has supposedly ended as a trilogy according to its developer. While diehard fans are undoubtedly pleased with the news of another sequel, many fans are initially dismayed with the announcement by Revolution Software that it has partnered with Sumo Digital to develop the sequel, citing the prohibitive cost that…

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United States By lauren • On 10 April 2010 • From Somewhere


Gotta fully aggree witrh george and disagree with Ascovel 'controls secondary' how in a point and click is that secondary the gpahics are in noway better but rather insulting but THAT is secondary i dont mind poor graphics so long as the gameplyay is good and for this style a 'point and click' were the character moves to where u point and click and then doesnt is a real flaw, shockingly to a degree it seems they tried to make it that bad, if its an issue examine it from distance like the others interact from distance liek the others, the graphics and physics are bad y try to be 'tom clancy style' realistic wen george uses summat ona note i should say im on a backlash of playing the game and this pill of dissapointment is a hard 1 to swallow seems liek 6-7 maybe 8 years since number 3 (i was in school) and the timer is still counting for a poper make of BS... however i hear rave reviews of the fan made 2.5 but how do i stretch it out *ponders*

France By Traven171 • On 03 April 2010 • From manchester


I have to say for starters WELL DONE REV SOFTWARE.......srsly i cant state just how dissapointed i am! i paid £30 with a staff discount at the time and only just now finsihed the game nearly 3 years later, so where to start?
Problem 1 is the technical, its FAR! too high for what it actually does in game and to make things worse u cant actually play the game using multi core CPUs which is kinda standard even for a store baught pc, it took me hours of searching the first time around to actually figure it out, and u have to disable them to only have 1 so GL if ur multi core is like several 1.5s or something, and if not most of the screen is black and changing it back its just nt practical for novice PC users. Ok so that part is now sorted horrible issues to start the game but once u mange to windows out and then back in it sems ok, oh and if r thinking of pplaying in windows mode get ready for some good ol slow down ¬_¬. ok so the game itself to ............ tbh i think the huge slap in the face was the ending its made continuation of the story hella awkward and i mean CRAZY awkward its kinda like save the world pop home for tea its TERRIBLE. Rushed is not the word, im not gunna spoil anything but lower ur expectations ALOT to reduce disapointment. The ingame graphics are pretty poor its buggy and u click on summat ur next to and george tries to walk around it u move back and it happens again then u move back and it works its like WTH!and that is actualy a huge problem in this game as this style is based n using items in teh right positions so u think that its not the way and it actually is. the game is EXTREAMLY short the shortest of the 4 id say, the only trials are the last 2-3 hacking sequences on the PDA and the knights shield date under Istanbul, and teh problems with those are they arnt any decent the gimmick is kinda cool of teh PDA but at last 3 teh problem is if u try to simplyfy it, it actually makes it harder so its almost a random placing of the damn things till eventually ur like oh if i do that its done, so its not a challenge just random time wasteing. The other 'harder puzzles' are pretty basic the 'clues' arnt really any help as most are just sequences, im talking the manuscript puzzles here. the shield date puzzle is notorious, NOTHING actually makes it clear its a sequence and i mean NOTHING its just a guess after hours of thinking and u give up and go so may as well try and ur like OMFG!!!!!! the next of doing painstakingmaths for an hour and i just thought u no wat i bet its a sequence and after that as a rule of thumb i treated all the rest of the 'harder puzzles' as moronic. The only saving grace is george's voice and cheese its original from the others if im not mistaken, but i wqas so disapointed i had to get a post out for people to see instead of double checking. Now just to be clear i love BS series with a passion, te stories are epic i just wish i could forget teh game to play it again, so im not playing for the grpaics but u dont even realsie sum 1 has been shot in a 2 way fire 1 falls and dies teh other stays motionless as if a statue cept for the eyes in a way to indicate they are fine! just nothing makes sense the puzzles i mean basic ones like the switches and generally Mcgyver style puzzles (ya no everyday objects :P) just thrown in to fill time and kinda unesessary, fo rthis series not much needs to be done just gove us george with teh feeling there is a chance to rekindle the love of nico and a epic script with nice music even if its music from previous BS titles, but somehow they managed to F*** it up, HOW its not possible our expectations of graphics are low and even the physics but too a point of hinderence and rushed story thats poor its even so bad that at the end u wish u didnt see it, cos now HOW can geroge and nico be togeather, i will say that after the problematic technicalities of getting the game runnig properly the first 'chapter' if u like, escape the bail bonds area is rather positive look foreward to the game but alass a downfall, as u dont spend nearly as much time in the same area to appreciate it and i spose reminise, liek teh time u made the dog in number 2 take a paddle, zip of the roof into a goon to knock him in the water etc etc. my only hope is they dont bother with another 1 until the script is ironed to the point its interesting this will never stay in my collecion just due to its appauling 'wats the word'............effort maybe i dunno but u get the jist, shame it had to come to this never EVER thought id write a negative view of a game like this much less 1 of broken sword, u rush teh climax of a story y bother with teh rest is all i can say just start at the end of the game in the last room and stick a £30 price on it may as well have.

France By Jonny171 • On 03 April 2010 • From Manchester

I've been searching for this game on Amazon and can't find it. Is it the same as Secrets of the Ark? That's listed there as the fourth episode in the series.

United States By GrannyGamer • On 12 October 2009 • From Oregon, USA

Very Good

The ending was very disappointing. It was quick and sudden and at the end and your left saying "is that it?"

Broken Sword is a story driven game like all point and click adventures so you would expect the conclusion to be great.

But overall it is a good game the puzzles were not too hard or too easy.

I still say that the first game though was the best in the series.

Great Britain (UK) By james • On 16 December 2008 • From scotland

Very Good

This is not a bad adventure game, though it does not meet the expectations of those who have had long history with the first two games of the series. However, it still satisfies the need of a good puzzle now and then. On a seperate note, I think the game developers should be more careful about the venues they choose to set their stories in. One good example i will give is Istanbul. In Broken Sword: The Angel of Death, the section of the game that takes place in Istanbul has either been accidentally created in a misguiding manner (which means developers have not done their homework) or it has been intentionally done that way as some kind of insult (which is quite unlikely). Let me explain. The hotel in Istanbul always had this arabian music in the background (some hotels may have it for touristic purposes so this is fine), Topkapi Palace has been depicted as the centre of political activity in Turkey (since only Turks are fully aware that this happens in Ankara the capital this is also quite a logical action to take), these are fine to an extent. However, I find it hard to believe that people who have been capable of researching the Istanbul city map and places like Topkapi Palace can easily give arabian accents to the locals and create Turkish soldiers that look like the Iraqi elite guard.

I advise any game developer reading this (if that may happen) to do their homework before attempting any such design. Otherwise it will be stereotyping and othering people based on false information. Should any residents, commercial powers, or political powers from that country choose to file a suit, they will be quite capable to do so with little difficulty if game developers act as careless as they have done in BS4.

We do not want people not knowing a country and, even worse, thinking that its inhabitants ride camels and eat off belly dancers in huts in deserts. We want players to be aware of the countries culture and life style correctly. Anyone reading this, be so kind to research the actual Turkey properly and compare it with the one depicted in the game (if this post has interested you of course). This post is neither nationalistic nor an outburst of uncontrollable anger, it is merely written to make people aware of the negative aspects of "othering" and "stereotyping".

Turkey By Zort • On 20 December 2007 • From Somewhere

I CAn'T SAVE ! HOW CAN I SAVE GAME??????????????????????????

Greece By PROBLEM • On 09 September 2007 • From Somewhere


An interesting game so far but getting George past the Monks in the Monastry garden is impossible, 5 talented gamers have tried and failed with this version of the game, as losing control of George when he throws the bread means there is no way he can be moved in time. We are abandoning the game after each one of us has spent several days trying every conceiveable
combination to get to the next move.

Australia By Muriel Rodwell • On 19 August 2007 • From Australia


nanyaly professionala i on vsekh udelal.

если рассматривать broken sword 3 с позиции
"за что дали золотую медаль в каннах" фильму
"Летят журавли", то broken sword 3 не подкачал.
Не подкачал.

Russia By rinat • On 02 January 2007 • From Somewhere

When will Broken Sword IV be released in the US?

United States By LeeM • On 09 December 2006 • From New Orleans
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