Posted by Davide Tomei.
First posted on 20 October 2006. Last updated on 15 May 2014.
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How do you survive inside a gothic styled insane asylum, surrounded only by screaming and self mutilating inmates? Now imagine what if you do not know, or worse yet, do not remember why you are trapped in this nightmare. Though aware of your predicament, you are not even sure of your own identity. All that remain are strange flashbacks haunting you and the memory of your face completely wrapped…

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Too many spoilers in this article.

Finland By sigh • On 20 April 2011 • From Somewhere

Thanks to all of you for the comments on this great game! it is a pleasure to see that many gamers share the same affection for Sanitarium, a truly underrated piece of work! I also agree with the stairs issue and also you can experience poor controls sometimes, but these are minor flaws in such a game, imo. I hope there will be a game like this in the future for us to enjoy!

Europe By Davide Tomei • On 12 January 2010 • From Latina, Italy


I just bought it at GOG and had lots of trouble to run this game in WinXP. But I looked for solutions to keep playing because it's one of the best adventure games ever made. Great history, great dialogs, great images, and all the creepy things you encounter (deformated children, corpses, worms etc) make sense and add to the game. The major problems are compatibility with XP (you can find the solutions at GOG's forums), having to press right button mouse toooo long, going to paths you don't want too (direction control is poor), and some strange, but not impossible to solve, puzzles.

Brazil By Joao Brito • On 29 December 2009 • From Sao Paulo, Brazil


I used to play this game when I was 4-8 and I am downloading it again now. It didn't affect me as a child but I'm sure it will creep me out now.

Ireland By Dude • On 27 January 2008 • From Somewhere


Going up or down the stairs happened to me by accident twice.

This is one of the best adventures I've played. I just never knew what was going to come round the next corner with this game.

The story, dialog and puzzles never spoke down to me either.

This is possibly the most balanced adventures around. I with ASC made more adventures.

Europe By Stefan Lubienski • On 20 January 2008 • From United Kingdom

Very Good

The stairs are a problem with the game though. If you click on a stairway, your character will walk up or down it. You cannot interrupt this process. It's pretty annoying when you accidentally click on a stairway (which happens more than you would think).

Still the game was quite fun.

United States By spork • On 31 October 2006 • From Somewhere


great story, twisted characters, well-thought hard puzzles, though not impossible. A psychological sick classic.

Mexico By Santiago • On 27 October 2006 • From Mexico