Britney Brimhall

Himalaya Studios

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 26 May 2006. Last updated on 09 February 2011.
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Few independent game developers have ever achieved the notoriety as Britney Brimhall has. She is the founder of Anonymous Game Developers Interactive (formerly known as Tierra Entertainment), a nonprofit independent game development team that, in 2001, has released freely a remake of King's Quest which has earned her critical acclaim from both the series' fan base and gaming media. Graduating…

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I really enjoyed reading this interview with Britney. I see her story very similar to mine as the first quest game I used to play back then when I was a little kid was 'King's Quest 3', and I also was an officer at the Israeli police department on my army duty, inspired by the 'Police Quest' series as well... :)

Since I got familiar with the adventure games genre I had a dream to create adventure games like Roberta Williams did at Sierra. I discovered my animations drawing talent and created many computer games using 'Klik & Play' engine by ClickTeam when I was 11 years old, a few years after moved to use 'The Games Factory' engine by ClickTeam as well, and a few years ago I began using AGS (Adventure Game Studio) engine by Chris Jones. But I left this dream way behind because I never managed to create a full length game as it was exhausting working on the story, artwork, music and script all by myself. And I didn't managed to assemble a team to work with on a full length project.

I'm writing all this because after reading this interview I want to say that if you have a dream - Don't give up on fulfilling it!

But maybe I will find myself working on an adventure game alone or as a part of a team soon... Because I have just purchased the Wacom Cintiq 12WX interactive pen display for drawing artwork for that purpose. :) Wish me luck! Maybe I will be a member of AGDI/Himalaya Studios designers. :)))

Best regards,
Gal Shemesh

Israel By Gal Shemesh • On 17 September 2011 • From Israel


Stupid comment -- Britney is a hero to many of us in the adventure gaming world. That you can only comment on her looks and "wifeliness" is a sad testimony to your character.

United States By Jeremy Young • On 31 October 2008 • From Bloomington, IN


She is intelligent and very cute, perfect wife :)

Poland By pixel • On 20 June 2006 • From poland