Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

Posted by Kris Miller.
First posted on 29 August 2006. Last updated on 29 September 2009.
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In 1993, developer I-Motion and publisher Infogrames partner together to produce a game that is undoubtedly among the most influential titles in the early era of 3D gaming. It heralds the establishment of survival horror as a gaming subgenre which has since been popularized by other action adventure series such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. The original Alone in the Dark, inspired by the…

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I can't use the push button by "x" in any way how is the push function performed???

Germany By Garo • On 06 November 2010 • From Armenia


Question: Who do I contact about a question for this game? I am in the attic and was told that there is a trap door to get out and I have spent about 4 hours looking for it. Can you help?
Thank you.

United States By Tim • On 07 July 2007 • From Apollo Beach, USA


Except the title and the main hero's name this game has hardly anything in common with the great, original 'Alone in the Dark' adventure games series. It's style and atmosphere are not at all lovencraftian, instead they resemble the standards of average, modern, gore movies. After watching the cheesy intro I chose to play as the male character first, but the gameplay consisted solely of typical survival horror action-adventure genre gimmicks, which I find rather dull. I switched to the female character and until I left the first location I was beginning to feel some hope for the gameplay being similiar here to a true 'Alone in the Dark' adventure game. However when I came upon a bunch of laughable-looking spider-like creatures annoyingly hopping around back and forth, blocking my way anywhere, wich I had to move around with the pushing force of light from my flashlight (yes, ingenious puzzle design), I have lost all the remaining motivation to play this game.

Poland By Ascovel • On 29 August 2006 • From Warsaw, Poland