Roberta Williams

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 16 July 2006. Last updated on 13 March 2008.
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No adventure game designer had ever achieved the level of success as Roberta Heuer Williams (Roberta Williams) had. Born in 1953, she and her husband Ken Williams co-founded On-Line Systems, which later became Sierra On-Line, when she was only 26. Mystery House, which she wrote in 1979, was the first graphic adventure game ever created for the PC. Her portfolio of games, spanning over nearly 20…

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Very good to hear from Roberta and to see photos of her and Ken. I was lucky enough to have worked at Sierra for about 4 years, being involved in the whole new process involved in making Phantasmagoria. They are great people and I am glad they are happy.

United States By Robin K • On 17 July 2006 • From Colorado, USA


It's a great interview. It's cool to hear how she approached making a game and it's design. Even though she hasn't played an adventure game for 8 years, she's still optimistic about the genre. I hope, like she does, that the genre will gain some prominence again.

United States By Melanie • On 17 July 2006 • From USA

Nice interview, glad to hear something about Roberta! Sad to read though that designing adventure games seems to be in the past. It’s quite understandable, after designing games for almost two decades, but I still had hopes that Ken and Roberta would try something new, for instance a collaboration with Phoenix Online Studios (The Silver Lining). What I am also wondering about is that both are writing books or intend to write books - Ken’s book on boat trips and Roberta’s intended historical novel about Ireland and the USA; so not game-related. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it would be a bit weird that over a few decades we have only a handful of interviews with Ken and Roberta, in stead of a serious book in which they tell about their “Sierra life.” I think that is a great waste, as they must remember hundreds of stories about all those years. If they don’t want to write such a book – besides its significance for gaming history, it might become a best-seller - it would be nice if someone would be willing to write it, interviewing them and all other well-known Sierra names.

Netherlands By Marc • On 16 July 2006 • From Somewhere
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