Byzantine: The Betrayal

Posted by Zack Howe.
First posted on 23 February 2006. Last updated on 09 August 2009.
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Have you ever wanted to visit an exotic city like Istanbul but do have enough money to make the trip? What if you can visit such a city just by sitting in front of your computer, do you want to do it? If you answer yes to both of these questions, then you are in luck with the adventure game adeptly titled Byzantine: The Betrayal. This is because the game gives you an opportunity to see the city…

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Very Good

To all the people who are having the issue of being "hung up" with a phone they can't answer:

A fellow on Youtube who produced a video walkthrough of this game told me how to fix this on Windows XP.
Simply go into your START MENU, Activate RUN, type DXDIAG (Direct X diagnosis)hit ENTER and in the resulting window, hit the SOUND tab and lower your hardware sound acceleration (using the slider near the bottom of the window)to whatever notch makes you answer the phone.
I had this issue and I switched my sound acceleration to Basic Acceleration and the game worked perfectly!!
Hope this helps! I'm off to solve a Byzatine mystery!!

Canada By Andrew • On 05 September 2010 • From Calgary, Canada


Fair game but the problem is on the political motivations behind it. Byzantine was Roman (or Greek at least) and it has nothing to do with Ottomans or Turks. Same with things like using names as Homer etc....I went to Asia Minor last summer and the (Turkish) tour guide was showing an ancient Greek temple saying that this is "Turkish history"!! Thank God a fellow American was present (happens to be history prof) who 'corrected' her...sad story...

France By Gregory • On 31 August 2009 • From Somewhere


I played this game some 10 years ago and at that point of time i didnt even know wat an adventure game is like... but AFTER playing byzantine.. i feel that i have never played an adventure game like this one ... its so intriguing and exciting at every point of its game play!! i recommend this game to everyone who gets access to it.. coz such games are rarely made these dayss...!!!

Pakistan By Mishal • On 13 December 2008 • From Somewhere

Hi Pat:
Have you managed to solve the freezing problem when you answer the phone ?
I got the same problem.

Brazil By paulo • On 09 September 2008 • From Rio, Brazil

TalosLn: Istanbul is both ancient and Turkish. Better explain why you have given only one star to the game.

Poland By Ascovel • On 12 May 2008 • From Somewhere


So Istanbul is an "ancient Turkish city"? Hahaha... You HAVE to be kidding me! Open a history book dude...

Canada By TaloslLn • On 12 May 2008 • From Vancouver, Canada

my game freezes when I answer the phone. Byzantine, The Betrayal,

Canada By pat • On 14 October 2006 • From Somewhere


I played this game some three to four years ago - it is relly fantastic - there should be more of this kind

Brazil By Marta • On 15 August 2006 • From São Paulo, Brazil