AMBER: Journeys Beyond

Posted by Joe Brussel.
First posted on 17 February 2006. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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When most people think of scary movies or horror games, they think of blood—blood, guts, gore, and all things that we have accustomed to accept as scary. If the monster does not eat its victim with lots of gore, the movie is just lame. Obsolete. Finito. Thankfully, the game AMBER: Journeys Beyond goes beyond that—far beyond that. It is truly a scary game. There are ghosts, paranormal activities,…

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This is truly one of my favorite games. I played it originally, (after searching for it far and wide) in about 1997, I think.
No guts, no blood and no foul language.
I wrote to the Wimmers asking about that game and the possibility of another in the same vein, I was so moved.
This is still a great game to play. In fact, I'm trying to get a non-gamer to play it since I got her to play one Carol Reed game all the way through!
She knows about Amber, the fact that I could not play parts of it while I was alone, etc.
I can now play it on my XP with patches and in fact, it's installed right now.
The only drawback? IT COULD HAVE BEEN LONGER!
I will go on to say, it is just perfect, even though it's short. It begins, ties up the loose strings and ends exactly as it should. The Wimmers should get some kind of award. For its age and size, Amber certainly does exactly what it should and some.
Part of those things are drawing the gamer in and
scaring the crunchy stuff out of her/him.

United States By Mary Dukes • On 04 December 2010 • From C. C. Hills, USA


This first game played taught me how to seek and find. Enjoy the computer other than for working, because of the wonderful scenery and backyard. I am still listening to the crickets next to the patio.

United States By Frank Leon • On 02 September 2010 • From Chicago, IL


This is a truly wonderful, scary, and fun game. I love it!

United States By Retta • On 28 August 2010 • From South Carolina, USA

Very Good

Good review, although I think you gave away too many of the spooky surprises.

Great Britain (UK) By Stefan • On 14 April 2009 • From Somewhere


LOVED (and still) LOVE this game! Freaked out by its simple style, its gentle, but haunting way as it approached the other-worldliness. That style, with sounds (accepting that less is way more) still does it for most adventure gamers.
We've all seen the shock approach, with the blaring sounds, the cheap way to startle.
This smallish game, made after a real incident with the otherworld, has left gamers only wishing for more, even after all this time. I still hope the Wimmers will reconsider and walk the 'darkside' once again.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak about this wonderful game.

United States By Thayna Kronos • On 02 November 2006 • From C.C.Hills IL.