Zork Nemesis

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 05 February 2006. Last updated on 07 September 2009.
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Activision has taken a new direction in the Zork series with the development of Zork Nemesis (also known as Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands). Although Zork Nemesis is billed as a sequel to Return to Zork, the story in this game bears no authentic link to previous Zork titles except for a few passing references. Such a risk taken by the developer is likely going to stir up mixed feelings from…

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What a fantastic game. Haunting, dripping with atmosphere, and encounters that stay with you for years. Sadly no games today can compare. A true classic. Love it

United States By Credibility Street • On 22 May 2011 • From USA

Very Good

After playing Return to Zork and eventually Zork Grand Inquisitor, I eagerly anticipated playing Zork Nemesis. I was slightly disappointed by the graphics in comparison to ZGI, but I was more than intrigued by the characters, plot and set pieces. Too bad Activision has seemingly abandoned the Zork franchise.

United States By Bav Mercury • On 21 May 2010 • From Oil Spill Village, Louisiana

Very Good

i am trying to play zork nemisis on a computer which uses a pentium II processor (windows xp) but find the graphics scroll too fast making the game unplayable. (yes, i have tried '98 compatability mode)--- any way to slow down the speed of rotation ?


Great Britain (UK) By pete williams • On 28 August 2007 • From london


The game and theme are great. Went to go buy a new game today. And this one still comes to mind. I wish there was more like this one. This is a classic for sure.

United States By Chris • On 25 June 2007 • From Trinity,USA


When I first played this game I was a virgin to the Zork series, so I played it as a stand alone. I confess I was blown away by the incredible graphics and the intricacy of the story. This of course was back in 1998 but I still trot it out once in a while, like reading an old novel you adore. I became obsessed with characters, everything was so.. slightly kind of off and weird about them, so maniacally human, and yet so mad.. oh it was haunting and grand. the whole premise of the game is insane. I love it.

Top marks, to this day.

Australia By TessieInc • On 05 June 2007 • From Perth, Australia


ramon you are right his is the best game in the world. it made want to live inside the computer. if you like this game maybe try morrowind. that is a very good game. zork was the best and most difficult game ive played. brady

Australia By brady • On 11 April 2007 • From w.a


Return to zork was alot of fun. It did seem to have a dark tone to it. All the characters were just a little off center of gravity...

This was one of the few adventure games I played .

United States By bandersnatch • On 25 February 2007 • From charleston

I am having trouble loading this game. I get a "cant find synthcore11.exe. What is wrong?

United States By Laura • On 24 February 2007 • From Burleson,USA


They should make more like this one.

United States By J • On 19 February 2007 • From T,O


The best game i've ever played. The story was so dark and beautiful too. If you agree with me, please contact me!


Europe By Ramon • On 24 May 2006 • From Barcelona, Spain