Police Quest 2: The Vengeance

Posted by Harry Kaplan.
First posted on 29 June 2001. Last updated on 29 July 2012.
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Sonny Bonds, the hero of Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death Angel, has performed a public service for the town of Lytton by putting the notorious "Death Angel" Jesse Bains behind bars. His service has won him a promotion from the Narcotics to the Homicide Division. When Sonny learns that Jesse has escaped from prison, he and his partner Keith are put on special assignment "Operation Target"…

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I'm sure it's supposed to be his belt, but it looks like Sonny is flying low. Boy, imagine if they did that hijacking scene today. Also, shouldn't Donald Colby be under a different name since he's in the witness protection program? Also, the thumb up Sonny gives at the end. Yeah, it may look like he's giving you props for completing the game. But we know he's actually thinking "oooh boy, I'm gonna be tapping Marie's sweet cheeks tonight."

Sonny Bonds, homicide detective extrodinaire.
And prod member of the mile high club.

United States By reviewer • On 07 September 2010 • From Somewhere


In my opinion, this is THE best sierra adventure game! I've played this like four times and each time it just gets better!
Big Shaz, maybe there's something wrong with your version of the game, there are a lot of messed up copies in the Net. The questions at the jail aren't really all that important, the main thing is to get the description of the escape car and the mug shot from the file (at least that's how I remember it...;)
Enjoy the game, it's really awesome!

Finland By Rat • On 06 May 2008 • From Finland

Very Good

None of the walkthroughs work to the script of the game. I can open my locker to get my gun, use the firing range in the station but i cant ask the right questions at the jail regarding the escape.....where am i stuffing up???

Australia By Big Shaz • On 29 April 2008 • From Australia

Very Good

jessie bains will not stop shooting me and he ambushes me instead of running away in police quest 2

United States By ryan novak • On 04 May 2007 • From west haven ct


I grew up playing the pq series, and other sierra games, and they each had a book with them. Throughout the game, other questions are asked that require the book to answer. I've been looking for that book for a while, unsuccessfully. A little help would be nice.....?

United States By oldgamesrock • On 21 January 2007 • From anchorage, alaska


hey guys, copy protection?
search google with the words

'police quest 2' copy protection code
geocities and sk.oldgames are good, codes, maps etc...

enjoy gaming mates:)

Finland By Gnomezz • On 08 January 2007 • From finn


do anyone have a clue about the convicts at the beginig of the game .
i cant find it in any manual

Egypt By Maged • On 05 January 2007 • From Cairo/ Egypt


found another PQ2, downloaded it, and just pressed enter on that part. works like a charm :)

Croatia (Hrvatska) By marko • On 27 December 2006 • From Croatia


I have the same problem (with the last names of convicts, and the ctrl+m isn't working :-/ i hate when that happenes with such an old game :(

Croatia (Hrvatska) By Marko • On 27 December 2006 • From Croatia

anonymous can u plz give me the last name of the criminal so i can play pq2 or is there anotha way to play the game without the last name???????

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By Tyler • On 17 May 2006 • From Masterton nz
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