Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 07 January 2001. Last updated on 15 February 2014.
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It is an understatement to simply say that Myst marks a pinnacle in the history of adventure gaming. Since 1993, Myst has literally changed the landscape of graphic adventure games by bringing its surrealistic appeal to the masses. With over 6 million units sold, Myst has become the best-selling game of all time. Yet, the Miller brothers, creators of Myst, have never been truly satisfied with…

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Ahhhh... the wonderful world of Myst. The puzzles in realMYST are hard yet fun and give you a good feeling of reward. The sounds surpass that of a hollywood movie, and even the dated graphics look great still today. Myst is good, but realMYST ROCKS! 10 out of 10!

United States By TeraKILL • On 10 February 2008 • From Middleton, USA


The Myst Masterpiece was the first and original and came in 1993.
realMyst came somewhere in 2000.
The original Myst is only images where-as, with realMyst, they (Cyan Worlds) wanted to expand their 3D engine to work into Uru and Myst5.

I sugest getting the orginal Myst and playing it then playing realMyst to see it in 360.

Australia By SebZ • On 20 June 2006 • From Sydney, Australia

I am trying to find out what the difference is between the Real Myst and the Myst Masterpiece game. Which is better? Which was done first and why the two sequels to the original Myst and not one?

United States By Ron Dusenberry • On 21 June 2003 • From Prescott Valley, Arizona