The Forgotten: It Begins...

Posted by David Tanguay.
First posted on 31 July 2000. Last updated on 09 August 2009.
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People have long (in the computing timescale) suggested that adventure games can be released in a serial manner, a chapter at a time. It is a bit different from releasing a complete game, then a sequel that continues the story. With this approach, each installment is small and dependent upon the rest of the series for its storyline. The advantage is that each individual chapter can be released…

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Previous Comments

I have just written a message to you but didn't say that this referred to the game The Forgotten, looked great, finished it in 3 days,wasted my money, please let me know whether all your next games are this short.

By Diana • On 22 January 2001 • From England

Ordered the game for my Christmas present from America as it looked very good however I finished it in 3 days. There was nothing to it, I feel that my money was completely wasted. This was the shortest game I have ever played.

By Diana • On 22 January 2001 • From England

The Forgotten: I just finished the Forgotten. I loved the story & the graphics were great. I'm a relative novice gamer and have only played about 6 games so far (Myst, Riven, Amber, Titanic, Morpheus, Dust)so when I read about The Forgotten I was very excited. I'm not good at puzzles so these puzzles were a relief!! But I can certainly see how an experienced gamer would be unchallenged. My bottom line opinion of this game is that it was completely disappointing. It promised a lot - as inferred in your article which I agree with, for the most part - but didn't live up to its promise. I like the idea of a "continuing" adventure, but not in a "serial" form. This game was truly a "serial" in that there was no satisfying conclusion. It just sort of left you hanging there. It wasn't an expensive game, but I felt I had wasted my time and enthusiasm, if not my money. From what I understand, this game is several years old. To leave us hanging for over 2 years is a rip-off. I have also read that the last several "chapters" will be issued on DVD only & this is a total rip-off for those of us who cannot afford or have any interest in DVD (it took me long enough to get a computer!!). I would not recommend this game to anyone unless they are interested in paying $20 for what is basically a "demo." I feel terrible saying this because, had the story came to a more satisfying (fulfilling) conclusion, this would be one of my favorites. Also, the gameplay did not last long enough - and this is coming from a newbie gamer with all the blind/addictive enthusiam that emplies. On the plus side, the visuals were great "eye-candy" and I enjoyed exploring the hotel and street. There should have been much more of this. THIS GAME WAS MUCH TOO SHORT!! I finished it in 4 hours (& remember, I blow at puzzles)& was stunned when the ending sequence came & left me just hanging there.

By Kat • On 22 August 2000 • From New Jersey