Resident Evil 2

Posted by Diego Souza.
First posted on 03 February 2000. Last updated on 01 March 2013.
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Originally titled Bio Hazard in Japan, Resident Evil has astonished Sony PlayStation gamers with its combination of horror, action, and adventure. The game quickly rises to be among the most popular console titles ever released. This success has convinced Capcom to bring the Resident Evil phenomenon to the PC. Resident Evil 2 continues the story of the evil experiments conducted by the Umbrella…

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Previous Comments

I am really afraid of this game as a kid but i want to watch it but not to play it.

United States By Yevgueni Tenemaza • On 27 April 2003 • From Brooklyn

Hello, i need help!
I want to downloading game Resident Evil 2, but i dont know adress of thet site. Please sand me to e-mail:
Thanks!!! (Im sorry for my english)

By Gruzovik • On 22 September 2002 • From Russian

What's up man this is gamedemonus, you don't know me, not yet anyway, but all I know is that you and I both game, so I know we have something in common. I see that you've been on the Res. Evil site, like myself. Its a pretty cool game, I might say myself. I was going tell you about this game called Hunter the Reckoning which is the next big thing to hit the scene is if you don't know about it, ask around, are ask me. The game is like playing Res. Evil, Tomb Raider, and Halo all in one. The game play is ridiculous theirs crazy hack and slash gameplay in it, crazy weapons to kill enemies with, and ill graphics, no jokes. I am telling you this game is the next big thing. What makes it even better is that here is chicks in it---- Have you played hunter yet ? Have you seen it?

GD 1

By Randy • On 06 September 2002 • From Los Angeles

quisiera saber donde esta la otra mitad de la piedra azul que tiene el jaguar en la sala del jefe porque no la he podido encontrar en RE2 el juego esta buenisimo!!!!

By acepto25 • On 07 April 2002 • From argentina

Dear Editor,
Thank you for your Resident-Evil2 information & Story.

Than you.

By Raghul Kumar • On 13 March 2002 • From India

Speaking of Resident Evil, there is a new soundtrack coming out March 12th and it has some kick ass new sounds. Slipknot has a new version of a song, and Coal Chamber has a BRAND NEW song! Go to for more info. This is gonna be the best soundtrack for a movie ever!

By Dan Trombley • On 26 February 2002 • From Bozeman, MT USA

I love this game, i've beat it many times (Play Station version) i'm going out and buying all RE games, 1,2,3 and all the director cuts, PC version

By ryan • On 03 November 2001 • From usa

ive been a fan of resident evil for ages so thats why im writing.
and this aint my real name just mad up so if there is a girl with the same address im sorry

By Tamara • On 20 September 2001 • From Donvale
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