Resident Evil 2

Posted by Diego Souza.
First posted on 03 February 2000. Last updated on 01 March 2013.
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Originally titled Bio Hazard in Japan, Resident Evil has astonished Sony PlayStation gamers with its combination of horror, action, and adventure. The game quickly rises to be among the most popular console titles ever released. This success has convinced Capcom to bring the Resident Evil phenomenon to the PC. Resident Evil 2 continues the story of the evil experiments conducted by the Umbrella…

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i just have one question..theres this man after you beat the game once...who follows you throuhg the game..hes tall and wants to kill leon..he is big and to hit someon he lifts his hands over his head and folds his hands together? i call him big dude...can u plz help me with this? plzzz get back too mee

United States By Matt • On 03 December 2006 • From USA


I enjoyed your site.

United States By Peter Jones • On 06 June 2006 • From United States

when is resident evil 4 coming out in the uk it is coming out on 11th january in america but when is it coming out here

United States By matthew • On 09 January 2005 • From belfast ireland

Resident evil is so wicked, the best game in the world, whoever hates it SUCKS.
thank you.

Europe By resident evil no.1 fan • On 18 November 2004 • From london

While i agree with your opinions about the voice acting, difficulty, backgrounds, etc, i strongly disagree with your evaluation of the save system/inventory issues. These are critical elements to the game play, for example, if the inventory size was increased, this would allow the player to port around a one person armoury - as well as retain all of the important mission items. If you are going to make that kind of statement, you may as well do away with the storage boxes - they wouldnt be needed in your desired version. I think the balance is fine as it is. Now with your comments as regards to the PC gamers being frustrated at the save method - worthless. How easy would resident evil be to complete if you could save the game at any time? For example, "ok, i killed a zombie using 6 bullets, if i reload, could i do it with 5?" For this type of game, an unlimited save capacity would make the game a joke - even the tyrant would be easy to defeat. With the ink ribbon method of saving, the gamer is forced to think on their feet - "should i use the ribbon now, or later?" This (as i think you mentioned actually) adds to the fear of the game, and ultimately contributed to the overall gameplay. (By the way, i do realise this is an old game, but i only recently acquired the PC version).

Great Britain (UK) By Nemesis • On 25 September 2004 • From Dumbarton - Scotland

Completely liked the 1st game and movie loved the 2nd and on the way to go buy the 3rd thank you for being so creative in this new erra.

United States By Joaquin Escalante • On 05 July 2004 • From Pirtleville, Arizona


okay this game is the best horror/action genre game in a long time, especially the one they ported 2 the gc..this game deserves a 5/5

United States By Deviant • On 24 June 2004 • From Somewhere

I Love RESIDENT EVIL 2!!!!!! Leon and Claire!!!!!

Philippines By Daniecka • On 23 June 2004 • From Manila / Philippines

Hi I love your games and movies I can't stop watching them. I was wondering if you could send me pictures of all the resident evil posters because all the ones I try and get the one I want isn't there

Great Britain (UK) By Matthew • On 19 May 2004 • From England

I am a real fan of this game,
I have already 5 games of it.
Very cool.
Keep up the good work capcom!

Belgium By Christophe Heestermans • On 22 March 2004 • From Belgium
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