Flashback: The Quest for Identity

Posted by Azar Damien.
First posted on 25 December 1999. Last updated on 07 March 2012.
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Before 3D games come to prominence, there are the 2D platform games. Essentially, you control a character across a side scrolling map, jumping over platforms which are suspended in midair while collecting power ups and weapon upgrades that are scattered on screen. For years these have been the dominant genre in computer games. In 1992, amidst this popular gaming trend, Delphine Software releases…

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Very Good

Maybe not as good as Another world, but still a great game. With it's good animation and good puzzles, Flashback was very innovative at the time.
Praise to my Amiga 500 .....

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia


This is one of the best games I've ever played on the Genesis platform. If there were another franchise comparable to Flashback, I would devour the installments with little hesitation.

United States By Bon Regis • On 21 May 2010 • From La Fagborough


I don't know what made me suddenly think of this game, but I'm glad I did. It was the single-best 2D game I've ever played (Hive was the best 2D/3D rail game) and I was hoping I could find it for free on the internet. Bingo. First link I try, there it is! Easy installation and it worked in XP Pro w/SP1a without my having to do anything tricky.

Time to Flashback and relive some great memories.

Here's the link for the download.

w w w . games4win . com /games / flashback /

United States By Cryogenix • On 10 February 2008 • From Los Angeles


Excellent game. It will go down in history as one of the all-time great platformers, alongside Prince Of Persia and Out Of This World (Another World in the UK). Everyone should encourage younger gamers to get their hands on these 3 games and enjoy their unique challenges while they still can.

United States By Shelfrey • On 04 January 2008 • From Syracuse, NY, USA


I've got the original Marvel Comic released only with the Genesis US version of the game. If you're interested, mail me at giuseppeandrea.natale@poste.it


Italy By Andrea • On 07 August 2007 • From Trieste - Italy


This game is Excellent!

Norway By Zombie • On 27 June 2007 • From Somewhere


Fade to Black is the one and only sequel of Flashback. It was released for PC and PlayStation and its a 3D third-person shooting game. It was very criticised but I enjoyed it.

They even were developing a third game for the GBA called Flashback Legends, that was in 2D like Flashback and unlike Fade to Black. Sadly, it was cancelled, but there exists a leaked beta over the net.

Don't mistake Another World / Out of this World with a Flashback game. That has nothing to do with Conrad neither the Morphs.

Spain By Conrad B Hart • On 15 June 2007 • From Somewhere


This was a very fun game. The sega version came with 15 megs of memory built in. IT allowed large animated movie type cutscenes. The sega version also had a music soundtrack...

very fun game..

United States By bandersnatch • On 06 March 2007 • From charleston


i have just downloaded flashback and want to lay it on windows xp but have no idea how to get it to work. when i go "install" and do all that is says insert disc in drive a:, which i dont have. how do i get around this??

please help!!!

Australia By joel • On 27 July 2006 • From australia


Despite of the Fallout 1&2 this is my favourite game of all times. The plot, the sceneries, cause that playing this game is an "one of a kind" adventure. I just wish that they would release a Windows XP wersion like for Another World with the music and sound FX.

Poland By Dave • On 11 July 2006 • From Poland
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