Star Trek: Hidden Evil

Posted by Joshua Mintzer.
First posted on 20 December 1999. Last updated on 09 September 2013.
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Having played the previous game in the series, Star Trek: The Next Generation "A Final Unity", it seems ironically fitting that I now go back to play what is supposed to be the first "Star Trek: The Next Generation" game released since. While the engine in the previous game has its flaws, the story is epic in scope and manages to accomplish a sense of grandeur that only a Star Trek novel can…

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Thanks Joseph, I appreciate the kind regards for my review waaaay back when....

United States By Joshua Mintzer • On 09 September 2013 • From Easthampton, USA


I never played this game all the way through, it was just too disappointing. This review captures many of my feelings in thoughtful and elegant prose.

Canada By Joseph Lindell • On 19 June 2011 • From United States