King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne

Posted by Harry Kaplan.
First posted on 15 November 1999. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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The success of King's Quest: Quest for the Crown eventually prompts Roberta Williams to make a sequel. Released in May 1985, King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne continues the adventure of the noble Graham who is the main protagonist in the original title. In this sequel, Sir Graham is now King Graham and his new adventure takes him away from the kingdom of Daventry to the kingdom of Kolyma.…

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The original? Well, it's the weakest if you don't count MoE (aka "Why did they slap the KQ name on this?!"). Lots of creepy ways to get yourself killed, too.

The fan-done remake, though? Absolute jaw-dropper that does everything a fan project is supposed to do and then some, integrating elements from every game in the series, expanding the plot and characters, and still keeping it recognizable.

United States By Allronix • On 03 September 2006 • From Seattle, USA


to veronica:
you get the trident from the sea god neptune in the sea. the mermaid takes you there when you give her the buckee of flowers.
good luck!

Finland By Scampi • On 18 August 2006 • From Finland


dose any one know how to get the trident of even where it is

United States By veronica • On 17 August 2006 • From usa


Hey everyone,
I am looking for Kings Quest II. I know it's really old, but i played when I was younger and would really like to find it. I know its on ebay , i would love the collection but they are so expensive. Does anyone have it on disk and would be willing to copy it for me? Thanks for any help.


United States By Austin • On 26 May 2006 • From Somewhere

Reading from various sources, I have seen with interest that KQII has been given rather poor reviews in comparison to the other King's Quests games. While I would agree with most reviewers' comments, for me there is another dimension not mentioned that has made KQII my favorite out of the King's Quest series since I played it upon its release. At 25 years of age, I still love KQII above the others because the whole idea of the magic doors enthralls me. The magic inherent to this game; the idea of doors opening to new worlds, the concept of a great burning desire allowing one to traverse time and space...these elements hold me. The puzzles and storyline may be simplistic, I agree, but upon completing this game years ago I took with me a vision of the ideal and magic that the game encompasses, causing KQII to remain my favorite.

By Mags • On 26 April 2002 • From Salt Lake City, UT