Scott Adams

Posted by Francesco Cordella.
First posted on 02 November 1999. Last updated on 31 December 2013.
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This Scott Adams is not the one of Dilbert comics, but the one of Scott Adams Graphic Adventures. Happy adventuring has been his slogan in the 1980s during the golden age of text adventure games. His games are enjoyed by fans all over the world. His most famous work to date is Adventureland, an interactive fiction title released in 1978. He is the founder of Adventure International. Born on 10…

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Very Good

Thanks to Mr. Adams for many hours of escapism on my TI-99/4A. To this day, when some one asks me "What do you say?" or "What's the word" I reply, "Yoho."

United States By Mike H • On 27 March 2012 • From Ypsilanti, MI


Thanks to Adam for these games, I was brought up on the colossal caves, and Pirate text adventure games in the early 80's.Brilliant.. Cheers.

Australia By Greg • On 01 November 2008 • From Geelong

Have tried to get some oof these games for years,is this possible

Great Britain (UK) By Patricia Davies • On 01 March 2004 • From Gwent S.Wales U.k