Discworld Noir

Posted by Yucel Inan.
First posted on 16 September 1999. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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Created by British author Terry Pratchett in a fictional novel series bearing the same name, Discworld is a fantasyland full of wizards, dwarves, and trolls. Following Discworld and Discworld II: Mortality Bytes!, Discworld Noir is the third graphic adventure title based on Pratchett's work. Previous games of the series have been classic 2D adventures that follow the humorous and wild life of…

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Previous Comments

Carlota.. I love so much this game, waiting for a Discworld game update

Greece By Kombo • On 06 September 2010 • From Somewhere

OK, I got it to work by using the "fixed exe" from gamecopyworld (dcb-dn10.rar). It will still crash if I click the options button, but I think all the options can be set from within the game. (Press F1 for save and options.) If not they're in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perfect Entertainment\Discworld Noir.

The Newton voice actor is terrible. He has a great detective voice, a bit like Cary Grant, but recites all his lines in the same slightly smug tone, which suggests he isn't paying any attention to the words he's saying. He sounds like a text-to-speech program. And there are a lot of long conversation scenes, and a long opening movie. Looks entertaining, all the same.

Great Britain (UK) By _Felix • On 18 November 2008 • From Nottingham

I just found the game in a charity shop and installed it on windows 2000: first indications are that it doesn't work, although it does get as far as what might be a loading screen with a picture of the hero on it.

Great Britain (UK) By _Felix • On 17 November 2008 • From Nottingham

would this game work on windows 2000 or windows xp?



Great Britain (UK) By Jamie • On 23 October 2008 • From bournemouth, england

Very Good

it's quite strange that a work of Pratchett features such a great plot with twists and turns because he is normally renowned for his characterization. However, I can safely say that, despite the fact the game is darker in tone when compared to the other two, humour has not been thrown out because of this. a brilliant game, if not as good as the previous ones.

Great Britain (UK) By Franklinsteiner • On 29 October 2007 • From Plymouth, England


One of the worst! Dull, dark and boring!

United States By Eve • On 02 October 2007 • From usa


Brilliant, just plain genius.

Great Britain (UK) By Simon • On 01 October 2007 • From Worthing, UK


Simply the best adventure game ever made.

Finland By Jussi Autio • On 14 June 2007 • From Oulu, Finland

TEDIOUS!! I cant get anywere

Great Britain (UK) By Ben Nicholson • On 06 December 2004 • From Bolton, England

why is there a number three disc in this game ,I have finished the game and have this disc left over ???

Great Britain (UK) By ajaycomedy@aol.com • On 05 December 2004 • From lincs
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