Posted by Pedro Matias.
First posted on 08 September 1999. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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Timelapse (also known as Timelapse: Ancient Civilizations... The Link to Atlantis) is an adventure game developed by the since disbanded GTE Entertainment. Although the production is clearly dated by today's standard, this Myst imitator is still a decent adventure and a fascinating time trip to ancient civilizations.

You play the role of a friend of Professor AR Nichols, a historian and…

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This was the first game i played, and i was totally hooked on it! I loved the scenery, the puzzles, the abscence of fighting scenes, the music, which was very calming. Each time i hear a crow i temember it, and i still miss it! Would love a mac/ ipad version of it and would surely play it all over again. My old cd's don't play well on an xp pc. So, please design a mac version!

Netherlands By Jeanine • On 09 May 2012 • From The Hague, Netherlands


My daughter and I loved this game when it came out. I do not remember if we finished it or not, I think we did, but I would love to see a version on the iPhone/iTouch/iPad. Already Myst, Riven, and the 7th Guest are on these devices and are very well received. I loved the concept of ancient civilizations. I thought the graphics were beautiful back then. More of these adventure games are needed for these devices. I hope to see this game made for iTunes.

United States By Maureen • On 07 February 2012 • From Los Alamos, USA

Very Good

I am wondering if there is a way to get it to play on my new laptop which is running Vista. Is there a 64 bit version out there?

United States By Darlene • On 26 April 2009 • From Springfield, MA USA

Just a comment on the Timelapse review. I recently finished playing it and agree that althought the lizard puzzle was difficult, I was very proud that I figured it out myself from the clues in the same area. So it wasn't necessary to go through that many random combinations. The puzzles in that game are difficult and challenging, but not illogical as in other "easier" games that I have had to cheat in. Another game with challenging but logical puzzles is Zork:Nemesis.

By Kit McCluskey • On 20 October 2001 • From San Bernardino, CA, U.S.A.

The pyramid puzzle in Timelapse that you describe as very difficult is not difficult at all since the solution is provided on a piece of parchment in the same room! The parchment has drawings of heads on it, which stand for numbers. The head/number key is in the journal.

By Suzy Jessee • On 12 August 2001 • From Kingsport,TN/USA