Atlantis -The Lost Tales-

Posted by Audrey Wells.
First posted on 26 August 1999. Last updated on 24 February 2010.
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Cryo Interactive Entertainment is known for the lavish graphics in its adventure titles. Atlantis -The Lost Tales- is no exception. Based on the mythical city of Atlantis, the designers have concocted an elaborate tale of good versus evil for this adventure. While the game itself is far from being flawless, there are enough enjoyable elements to satisfy adventure fans to outweigh the nuisance…

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Amazing game !
Some much good time on it

France By Erik • On 05 December 2014 • From Somewhere


Hi dude.....good write-up. Truly this is my first time to know about Cryo Interactive Entertainment and its adventures titles. Thanks for sharing such kind of good post here. :)

United States By Restaurant Security system • On 15 June 2013 • From Los Angeles

rather than use dosbox you can emulate this on sega saturn (SSF)

United States By alex • On 22 February 2010 • From a


This is probably dated by now, but ey. The reason Atlantis: The lost tales gets stuck when approaching the Hangar is because of an eternal error, the game tries to write to memory, but in doing so while trying to switch the cd, Atlantis crashes. there is a sollution, there is a patch avaible with an savegame ready, which starts you out allready in the hangar. The only problem is that this savegame can only be appleid to the English version.

Netherlands By Koen • On 22 March 2009 • From Netherlands


Lukas, could you please give me the DOSBox configuration you used to play ATLANTIS-The Lost Tales ??
Thanks a lot !!

Greece By Iraklis • On 29 February 2008 • From Athens, Greece


Would have been a 4 if they would have omitted the multiple deaths in the game.I played this game in WinXP sp1, with Win98 compatibility checked.

Canada By Denis Giroux • On 22 January 2008 • From Arundel Quebec Canada


This is the best game I have ever played. I love it and it also taught me English when I was little :)

The game CANNOT be correctly run under Windows XP. What you need to do is download an emulator called "DOSBox" and play the game in DOS mode. It takes some tweaking (eg. the simulated CPU frequency, mouse sensitivity etc.) but after that it is 100% playable. Just read DOSBox readme/manual on how to set everything. Hope this helps. Enjoy!

Czech Republic By Lukas Krincvaj • On 07 January 2008 • From Czech Republic

Just got this game Atlantis-The Lost Tales for my son. But being written 10 years ago, it seems to have its difficulties to want to be intalled under WinXP. It says "not enogh space". Then after some futile attempts suddenly start playing off the CD. But installation is still not done. Any tips? It seems I am not the only one

Switzerland By Christian Krieg • On 10 June 2007 • From Switzerland



Sweden By Jonas Persson • On 19 April 2007 • From UmeĆ„, Sweden

Very Good

I'm having the same problem as Eva, in that I receive an error message when I insert disc 2 (something about "cannot find memory"???? maybe???)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Canada By shannon • On 03 January 2007 • From canada
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