Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 01 December 1996. Last updated on 23 May 2014.
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Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh is the second game of a planned horror trilogy from Sierra On-Line. The game is also a departure in both design and production from the original Phantasmagoria. Written by Lorelei Shannon (not Roberta Williams who has written the original Phantasmagoria), this game is not meant to be a true sequel but as a separate adventure with new characters and story. In…

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I heard that Curtis

United States By memyselfandI • On 04 August 2013 • From Somewhere

Very Good

I play adventure games every Christmas as a tradition, and I really liked the first Phantasmagoria game when I played it many years ago. I was a little skeptic about "A Puzzle of Flesh" when I first saw it, but it turned out to be an excellent game with good atmosphere and story/game play.

So I disagree with the reviewer. I agree that Gabriel Knight 2: The beast within is a 5/5 though. I really recommend it to those who haven't played it (and to those who have) :)

Canada By Anders • On 19 December 2011 • From Sweden


More like PhagtasmagoriASS! What a festering piece of anal sludge!

United States By Maxwell Kraft • On 24 November 2008 • From Canada


Excellent adventure game. Try it with the lights out!

United States By Raymond Dokupil • On 20 April 2008 • From United States

can it work on XPpro. THANX .

Bahrain By Khalid • On 16 April 2004 • From Bahrain

I have not played this game in years, and only because I'm scared to click on the program icon again! LOL

If you want a game that will freak you out, scare you, and have you wondering about the human psyche, this is it! If you want something to play with cult friends who love things like Rocky Horror or other freakish stuff, this is it! If you're looking for "family" entertainment, this is to be burned.

The game has an EXCELLENT plot with lots of loopholes, flashbacks, and interpretation to be had. Fans of psychological thrillers with lots of cool special effects and creativity will definitely love this game, and I'm always chilled by the idea of being able to call up a dead person on the phone and hearing him say that YOU killed him.

Acting is wonderful (to me), and there are some moments (especially with Trevor) that make me laugh and cry very easily (but then again, I'm a sensitive freak, like Curtis. :-D).

Yes, the gameplay is extremely simple and almost nonexistent (except for one or two overtly simple puzzles and one really tough but fun one), but this makes me view the game as an interactive movie.

And here's the best part: that's exactly what the game is: a pre-DVD. Picture the movie "Panic Room," except you get to direct what goes on. The game may not be exactly a "game," but for those who wonder what it's like to be trapped in a horrific situation, this is the thing for you. I'm sorry that the game did not sell well and may have "ruined" the series, but like the first game, it will always stay on my shelf as a little piece of history. :) Kudos to Lorelei Shannon, YOU DID GOOD! :)

Bonus Note: This game, as far as I know, has the MOST EASTER EGGS of any computer game!!! And all of them are VERY clever and fun! Go on to locate them all! (This is a great way to underscore the horror of the game with some very silly humor)

United States By Marc Villafana • On 12 March 2004 • From Fairfax Station, VA, USA

I really enjoyed visiting your site and sure to visit again. I just have to show my son because he likes these types of games so he'll be looking for cheats and i'm tired of tha cheatplanet, so plain.

United States By Cheryl Bailow • On 12 February 2004 • From Coalinga

Phantasmagoria: A puzzle of flesh is an old game but far better then the crap original, it rocks and is an atmospheric adventure title, far better than most crap today (2002) There has never been a game like this, the original tried to pioneer an interactive movie game but, due to crap acting and story it failed miserably. Phantasmagoria 2 has already got a legendary status as a milestone in early interactivity.

By Gordi • On 25 August 2002 • From Australia

This game was probably the best one i've played as interactive games, it was probaly not the best in graphycs, but playing it with a Dolby surround sound was very involving !! this is only my oppignon but i still say that Phantasmagoria 2 was very good .

By mario • On 13 August 2002 • From Italy

I really enjoyed Phantasmagoria II - A Puzzle of Flesh! I thought the story was great and the game was fun and engaging. I agree that the ending could have been a little more dramatic.

By Anonymous • On 04 August 2001 • From Somewhere
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